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IAI Live April: Mind, Matter & Everything

Monday 8th April - 05:20 PM BST

IAI Live April: Mind, Matter & Everything

Featuring a solo talk by Judith Butler

There is a growing sense that we're getting closer to describing how the mind works. A majority of philosophers say that materialism best explains the human mind. But critics point to a danger of imagining that an ever more sophisticated material account of the brain gets us gradually closer to an understanding of consciousness. We don't even have an explanation of a single thought: how the material stuff of the brain gives rise to the immaterial stuff of experience. And even Richard Dawkins claimed that scientists 'are no more equipped to deal with consciousness than anyone else'.

Should we do as Wittgenstein and others did, and attempt to escape a metaphysical narrative that pits materialism against dualism by reconsidering the role of language? Should we accept that Descartes' dualism been so influential, for so long, for a reason? Or can materialism, by extending the notion of brain processes to include other bodily functions, provide a full account of thought and experience?

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17:20 BST - IAI Live April: Mind, Matter & Everything arena

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