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Philosophy of Confidence Compressed
A Philosophy of Confidence
Nietzsche famously said 'That which does not kill us makes us stronger', but how should we deal with failure? Author and Wired editor Rowland Manthorpe declares war on defeat.
world without borders
A World Without Borders
Should we get rid of nation states?

From the Olympics to the UN we celebrate national identity and culture. Yet nations are typically the source of warfare and conflict. Would we be better to get rid of nations and borders in favour of a wider, ultimately global, community?  Or are we less fearful of warfare than the tyranny of a peace imposed by a central government?
Brave New Horizon Compressed
Brave New Horizon
Where will technology lead the human race?

Designer babies and human enhancement were once confined to fiction. Now biotechnology allows designer genetics, and many already choose the sex of their children. Where will this technology lead the human race? Should we be nervous of the ability to enhance ourselves or embrace an exciting new future for humankind?
Morality of War Compressed
The Morality of War
Are we responsible for protecting western values?

The Iraq war left us acutely aware of the dangers of intervening in foreign lands. Yet the outrages of Isis have demanded a response. Do we have a responsibility to protect Western values, or is the high ground held by staying out of it? Or is morality irrelevant in foreign affairs and our interest all that matters?
search of the self
In Search of the Self
Who are we?

There is no self, no 'I', only a flickering illusion. So claim many neuroscientists and philosophers. Yet for the rest of us, the denial of the self feels like a bitter pill to swallow. Is the self a fantasy? Or is it essential to our being and consciousness?
how men and women think final 1
How Men and Women Think
how men and women think final 1
Speakers: Simon Baron-Cohen, Helena Cronin, Gina Rippon
Are mental differences between the sexes real?

Many neuroscientists believe disorders of the mind will be solved when we understand the differences between the male and female brain. Yet is is frequently argued that men and women are not born but made. Are mental differences between the sexes real? Or is this just sexism dressed up as science?
Wallpaper String Theory Digital Colorfull Abstraction e1426832609950
A Goldilocks World
Is the universe finely tuned for life?

Copernicus and Darwin taught us to be skeptical of feeling we were special. Yet from the size of the electron to the cosmological constant our universe is strangely fine-tuned for life.  Is this a spectacularly fortuitous accident?  Has the universe been tailored for us or do the theories just make it look that way?
metaphors mind
Metaphors of the Mind
metaphors mind
Speakers: Ophelia Deroy
Is our perception of the world no more than a metaphor? Co-director of the Institute of Philosophy and neuroscientist Ophelia Deroy uncovers the origins of experience. 
everything we know
Everything We Know Is Wrong
Can science alone uncover the truth?

At a time of uncertainty and doubt, we often suppose that science alone can uncover the truth. Yet a recent paper found that 90% of scientific studies are notreproducible. Should we see science as a flawed method and look elsewhere for our truths, or is it the only direct line to reality we’ve got?
vanity fair
Vanity Fair
vanity fair
Categories: Mind & Reason
Speakers: Simon Blackburn, George Galloway, Suzannah Lipscomb
Is narcissism a virtue that we need more of?

With more photos taken every two minutes than in the entire 19th century, the Selfie generation would make Narcissus blush. Yet from Napoleon to Steve Jobs, self-absorption is often a trait of leaders. Should we celebrate self-promotion to create a more confident outgoing culture, or is British understatement a treasure?
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