Gerard 't Hooft

Nobel prize winning physicist, t' Hooft is the author of Time in Powers of Ten and In Search of the Ultimate Building Blocks.  He now has a website dedicated to helping young people achieve their own Nobel Prize with the help of his teaching.

Nobel prize winning physicist, t' Hooft is the author of Time in Powers of Ten and In Search of the Ultimate Building Blocks.  He now has a website dedicated to helping young people achieve their own Nobel Prize with the help of his teaching.

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Quantum physics, objective and subjective reality

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Are theories of dark matter and dark energy true?

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Why Does Time Fly?

Bernard Carr | Time and consciousness

Lev Vaidman

Quantum Whispers

Is teleportation close to becoming a reality?

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Decoding the Universe

Chiara Marletto | Reality as a string of code

James Garvey, Rupert Read, Nassim Nicholas Taleb

How do you solve a problem like uncertainty?

A new paradigm of risk

James Ladyman, Lev Vaidman, Philip Ball, George Ellis

Cause and the Universe

The many-worlds of quantum physics

Stanley Fish, John McWhorter, Hannah Dawson

Limits of Thought: John McWhorter and Stanley Fish

Can we think outside of language?

Gerard 't Hooft

Beyond Quantum

Is quantum physics wrong? | Gerard 't Hooft

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The Next Universe

Roger Penrose's New Story of Existence

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The Known, The Strange and the New

Why does the world remain puzzling and strange?

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Beyond the Machine

Metaphors of the body

Rupert Sheldrake, Stephen Law, James Le Fanu

The Limits of Science

Truth and the boundaries of knowledge

Danielle Sands, Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad, Nivi Manchanda, Timothy Williamson

Decolonising Philosophy

Do we need to wake up to western prejudice?

John Ellis

After the Higgs Boson

What's next for 21st century physics?

David Malone, James Ladyman, Peter Atkins, Chiara Marletto

The Universe Code

Is information fundamental?

David Malone, Eleanor Knox, Carlo Rovelli, Daniel Stoljar, Huw Price

Heraclitus' Dream

Are particles or processes fundamental?

Rana Mitter, Hilary Lawson, Rebecca Goldstein, Homi Bhabha

After Post-Truth

How do we navigate a world where truth is tribal?

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I Am Not A Brain

Markus Gabriel | 'The mind' is a vague concept

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Does science uncover the truth?

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Thinking Differently

Language, gender and sexuality

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Beyond Knowledge

Is truth an illusion?

Silvia Jonas

The Mathematics of Thought

How has mathematics changed philosophy?

Hilary Lawson, George Ellis, Nancy Cartwright, Daniel Everett

Ultimate Proof

Is evidence an illusion?

Steve Fuller, David Malone, Peter Atkins, Tara Shears

This is Our Church

Science as religion

Julian Baggini, Caspar Melville, Katy Brand, John Ó Maoilearca

The Laughing Philosopher

Does comedy hold the key to truth and morality?

Hilary Lawson, Joanna Kavenna, Maurice Glasman, Michael Erard

Language, Metaphor, and Reality

Methaphors to change the world

Rupert Sheldrake

The Science Delusion

Rupert Sheldrake on the blind spots of science

Hilary Lawson

Truth, Error & Adventure

Linda Woodhead, Janet Kourany, Angela Saini, Gina Rippon

Science, Sex and Subjectivity

Is there a feminist way of doing science?

George Ellis, Nancy Cartwright, Tara Shears, Michael Duff

Unexplained Events

Does everything have a cause and effect?

Rupert Sheldrake, Sue Nelson, John Heil, Daniel Stoljar

It's an Immaterial World

Do particles exist?

David Tong

Wonders of the Big Bang

Reconstructing the first moments of the universe

Hilary Lawson, Lev Vaidman, David Tong

Uncovering Reality

Physics, truth and metaphor

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Masters of the World

Is the universe mathematical?

Lou Marinoff

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The Elegant Truth

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Quantum Effects in Gravity

Chiara Marletto | A new theory in physics

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Demons Among Us

Are germs as imaginary as demons?

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Dreams of the Universe

Is particle physics unscientific?

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Poetic Theories

Can scientists learn from poets?

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To The Edge of Space

What you didn’t know about the cosmos

Jo Marchant, Michela Massimi, Simon Saunders, F. David Peat

Revolutions of Knowledge

The future of physics

Isabel Hilton, Rupert Sheldrake, David Berman, James Wilk

The Eureka Moment

Are mavericks the real innovators in science?

Angie Hobbs, Hannah Dawson, Joanna Kavenna

Fantasies and Lies

Are myths dangerous?

James Ladyman

Are There Really Many Worlds?

David Malone, Kevin Warwick, Piers Corbyn, Chris Surridge

The Origin of Knowledge

Polly Toynbee, Christopher Hamilton, Peter Hacker, Jonathan Derbyshire

The End of Ideas

Has celebrity obliterated the intellectual?

Roger Penrose

The Next Universe | Roger Penrose

What if the Big Bang wasn't the beginning?

David Wilkinson

Life in the Universe

David Wilkinson | Why we search for life in space

David Malone, George Ellis, Chiara Marletto, John Milbank

Science, Magic and the Inexplicable

After the Last Magician

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Blinded by the Light

Metaphors of truth and reality

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The Ultimate Map of Reality

Could a metaphysical revival be on the agenda?

Robert Rowland Smith, Mark Rowlands, Hannah Dawson, Simon Saunders

Thinking the Unthinkable

The limits of thought

David Tong, George Ellis, Peter Cameron, Sue Nelson

The Hunt for Dark Energy

Seeking our hidden universe

Ziauddin Sardar, Angie Hobbs, Mary Warnock, Hilary Lawson

After Postmodernity

Lawrence Krauss, Kenneth Cukier, Gabrielle Walker, Steve Fuller

Everything We Know Is Wrong

Can science alone uncover the truth?

Roger Penrose, Robert Rowland Smith, Joanna Kavenna, Hilary Lawson

Beyond Reality

What are the limits of our understanding?

James Ladyman, Rupert Sheldrake, David Nutt, Alison Wolf

Science… Fiction?

The future of science

Hilary Lawson, Marcus Brigstocke, David Nutt, Natalie Bennett, Steve Richards

Facts and Fantasy

Are facts a fiction?

Roger Penrose, David Malone

The Arc of Life: Roger Penrose

A biography of quantum gravity's founding father

Maggie Aderin-Pocock, Nancy Cartwright, Steve Fuller, Julian Barbour

The Elegant Universe

Is truth always simple?

Lewis Wolpert, Stephen Bayley, Sian Ede

Leonardo's Vision

What can art teach science?

Andrew Copson, Barry C. Smith, Hilary Lawson, Hilary Rose, Luciano Floridi

Everywhere and Nowhere

Are binary oppositions real?

Peter Atkins

The Origin of Everything

Much ado about nothing

The If Machine

Laura Mersini-Houghton

Out of Darkness

Are black holes a myth?

Laurence Scott

In Search of a New Reality

Meaning in the digital world | Laurence Scott

Alok Jha, Joanna Kavenna, Julian Barbour, Joseph Diekemper

The Dance of Time

Is the present an illusion?

Mary Midgley

Knowledge and Power

Why science is not enough

David Malone, Hilary Lawson, Peter Cameron, Eleanor Knox

The Strangeness of Force

Do forces really exist?

John Ellis, David Malone, Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Cumrun Vafa

Universes and Fairy Tales

Is ours the only universe?

John Ellis

The Forecast from CERN

How does the Collider change the way we see the world?

Anita Avramides, Barry C. Smith, James R Williams, Robert Rowland Smith

Beyond Truth and Falsehood

What is real?

David Healy

The Persecution of Heretics

How inconvenient science gets shut down

Laurence Scott, Julian Baggini, Shahidha Bari, Deborah Levy

Stranger Than We Think

Do supernatural beliefs reflect the limits of human understanding?

Catherine Heymans

Mysteries of the Multiverse

Catherine Heymans | Observing other universes now

David Malone, Laura Mersini-Houghton, Peter Cameron, Julian Barbour

The Infinite Puzzle

Does infinity exist?

Rachel Armstrong, Bryan Appleyard, Susan Greenfield, Steve Fuller

Alchemy, Anarchy, and Science

Is science the defining triumph of modernity?

Hannah Dawson, Hilary Lawson, Robert Eaglestone, Shahidha Bari

Dangerously Big Ideas

Do we need grand theories?

David Malone, Hilary Lawson, Peter Cameron, Patricia Waugh

This Debate Has No Title

Solving the self-referential paradox

Peter Atkins

Everything Explained

How science holds all answers

John Ellis, Anders Sandberg, Kierann Shah, Caroline Williams

Lost in Space

How far can we go with space travel?

Rupert Read

The Tyranny of Evidence

Why the absence of proof is not enough

Angela Saini, John Horgan, Laurie Taylor, Kenneth Cukier

The End of Theory

The rise of big data

Roger Davies, Hilary Lawson, David Malone, Anita Avramides

God's Map

Charting the universe

Mark Vernon, Penny Rimbaud, Emma Borg, Laurie Taylor

The Call of Silence

The route to understanding

Hilary Lawson, Adam Roberts, Carlo Rovelli, Jennifer Hornsby

Theories, Mysteries and Mistakes

Contradictions in reality

David Malone, Nicholas Humphrey, Steve Fuller, Nancy Cartwright

The Comedy of Errors

Scientific errors and new adventures

Harry Eyres, Hilary Lawson, Rachael Boast, Jamie McKendrick

I Think Therefore Iamb

Poetry gives pleasure, distraction and emotional outlet but can it uncover a greater truth?

Carlos Frenk, Sue Nelson, Adam Roberts, Maggie Aderin-Pocock

Life and the Universe

Are we alone in the cosmos?

Michael McIntyre

Lucidity, Science, and Acausality Illusions

The mysteries of music, free will, and time.

Hilary Lawson, Hannah Dawson, Emma Borg, Daniel Everett

Beyond Words

Is meaning a human fantasy?

George Ellis

Science Under Siege

Is contemporary cosmology just fantasy?

Andrew Bowie, Julian Baggini, Richard Coles, Edwina Currie

Being Certain

Are convictions dangerous?

Julian Barbour

Size and the Mystery of Time

How big is an expanding universe?

Julian Baggini, David Owen, Don Paterson, Susan Neiman

Error, Lies, and Adventure

Should we embrace our mistakes?

Athene Donald

Saving Science

Anatole Kaletsky, David Malone, Rupert Read, Felix Reed-Tsochas

The Storm and the Butterfly

Can we refine our scientific models?

Jamie Whyte

Quack Policy

The science distorting public policy

David Malone, Rolf Dieter Heuer, Gwyneth Jones, Hilary Lawson

The Ultimate Particle

Rachel Armstrong, Don Cupitt, Carlos Frenk, Jo Dunkley

Before the Beginning, After the End

Romina Padro, Saul Kripke

On the Dogmatism Paradox

Is it always wrong to refuse evidence?

Joanna Kavenna, Hilary Lawson, Jamie Whyte, Parashkev Nachev

Error, Lies and Adventure Part 2

Adrian Noble, Semir Zeki, Hilary Lawson, Patricia Ellis

Maps of Mystery

Can art help us catch sight of the ineffable? Or, do we mystify existence at our peril?

David Aaronovitch, David Omand, Frank Furedi, Laurie Penny, Rana Mitter

Heresy, Truth and the Future

Challenging the status quo

Felicity Evans, Mark Vernon, Gerald Moore, Lewis Wolpert

Gods and Monsters

Justina Robson, Julian Baggini, Peter Sedgwick

Why we all need Big Ideas

John Ellis

Search for the Higgs Boson

Can the 'God Particle' unlock the secrets of the universe?

Jesse Norman, Kabir Chibber, Lars Iyer, Susan Richards

Once Upon a Time the End

Clare Moriarty, Joanna Kavenna, Barry C. Smith, Justin Smith

The True and the Trivial

Can comedy convey profound ideas?

Julian Barbour, Tim Maudlin, Emily Thomas, Joanna Kavenna

The Illusion of Now

Is time static or fluid?

Roger Penrose, David Malone, Catherine Heymans, Subir Sarkar

The Universe That Wasn't There

In Search of Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Cumrun Vafa

Cumrun Vafa | In-depth Interview

On string theory, quantum mechanics, and beyond

Barry C. Smith

The Adventure of Space

Why Apollo 11 was a global human achievement

Sacha Golob, Åsa Wikforss, Steve Fuller, Peter Pomerantsev, Joanna Kavenna

Lies, Damned Lies, and Post Truth

Is there still space for alternative perspectives?

Roger Penrose

Roger Penrose | In-depth Interview

On Gravity and Quantum Mechanics

Saul Kripke

Saul Kripke on Wittgenstein

On interpretting Wittgenstein

Donald Hoffman

Donald Hoffman | In-depth Interview

On Reality and Perception

Tim Maudlin

Tim Maudlin | In-depth Interview

On Quantum Theory and where it might take us

Catherine Heymans

Catherine Heymans | In-depth Interview

On dark energy, dark matter and beyond

Massimo Pigliucci

Massimo Pigliucci | In-depth Interview

On stoicism, scepticism, and pseudoscience

Hilary Lawson, Shahidha Bari, Sophie Allen

A Crack In Everything

Slavoj Žižek debates whether Paradoxes are here to stay

Julian Barbour

Julian Barbour | In-depth Interview

On the illusion of time, quantum mechanics and beyond

Elizabeth Seward, Elie Allouis, Kerry Sanz, Stephen Kyle-Henney

How to Land on Another Planet

Space experts on the challenges of landing on Mars

John Ellis

John Ellis | In-depth interview

On Supersymmetry, Dark Matter, and beyond

Julian Baggini

Julian Baggini | In-depth Interview

How can philosophy improve public life?

David Malone

David Malone | In-depth interview

On dualism, artifical intelligence and new ideas about consciousness

Ben Allanach

Ben Allanach | In-depth interview

On supersymmetry, particle physics and beyond

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas | In-depth Interview

On travel, time and women in philosophy

Catherine Heymans, Ben Allanach, Subir Sarkar, David Tong, Tara Shears, John Horgan

Time is running out for supersymmetry and string theory

Are physicists giving up?

Nancy Cartwright

Science, Trust and Truth

When to interrogate the data

Åsa Wikforss

Learning to love uncertainty

The individual vs alternative facts

David Malone, Catherine Heymans, Ben Allanach, John Ellis

After the god particle

The nightmare scenario

John Ellis

Where are we going?

Tackling science's biggest questions

Chiara Marletto

A physicist's approach to problem-solving

The fun to be had in getting it wrong

Subir Sarkar

The Dark Energy Phenomenon

Have we misunderstood the universe?

Silvia Jonas

Calculating reality

How mathematics shapes our world

Jim Baggott

The madness of quantum

Difficulties in understanding the integral theory

Barry Barnes

The half-life of Science

Do scientific facts exist?

Nancy Cartwright, Peter Atkins, Barry C. Smith, Bernardo Kastrup

Beyond material

Should we embrace the immaterial?

Sabine Hossenfelder

Physics doesn't have to be pretty

Shedding light on theoretical physics

Henry Gee, Güneş Taylor, Philip Goff, David Malone

The key to progress

Is science dangerous?

Raymond Tallis, Joanna Kavenna, Simon Blackburn, Hilary Lawson

Metaphysics, morality and mayhem

Which theories should we prioritise?

Henry Gee

Science and discovery

The limits of knowledge

Santiago Zabala

Confronting crisis

Taking emergencies seriously

John Ellis, Jim Baggott, Sabine Hossenfelder, David Malone

The crisis of particle physics

The mystery of reality & physics' biggest problem

Sabine Hossenfelder

Physicists need to learn from their mistakes

An interview with Sabine Hossenfelder

Sundar Sarukkai, Claudia de Rham, Hilary Lawson, James Ladyman

Uncovering the universe

Can science really reveal its secrets?

Rupert Sheldrake

Challenging the scientific dogma

An interview with Rupert Sheldrake

Renata Salecl, Simon Blackburn, Philip Goff, Joanna Kavenna

The known and the unknown

Finding our way through the fog of uncertainty

Sabine Hossenfelder

What's wrong with physics

How can we regain its once great reputation?

Sabine Hossenfelder, Chris Impey, Bjørn Ekeberg, James Ladyman

Our story of the universe

And how it really began

Amélie Saintonge

Uncovering black holes

How to listen to the celestial giants

Chris Impey

Cosmological mysteries

An interview with Chris Impey

Paul Davies

What's eating the universe?

An interview with renowned physicist Paul Davies

Maria Baghramian

Trust in a relative world

An interview with Maria Baghramian

Claudia de Rham, John Ioannidis, Harry Collins, Daniel Glaser

Experimenting with the truth

The importance of objectivity in science

Carlo Rovelli, Jim Al-Khalili

In Conversation with Carlo Rovelli & Jim Al-Khalili

On fundamental physics and the nature of reality

Chris Impey

East meets west

Can Buddhism inform science?

Emily Thomas

Newton's Space

And its enduring impact

Fred Matser, Bernardo Kastrup, Jennifer Hornsby

Beyond Us: Language

Episode 3: The uses and limitations of language

Bjørn Ekeberg

The breakdown of cosmology

Exploring its biggest problems

Ralph Cordey

Lessons from the universe

An interview with Airbus's Ralph Cordey

Hilary Lawson, Sabine Hossenfelder, Lee Smolin, Tara Shears

The anti-universe

The biggest jump in physics?

Bernardo Kastrup, Fred Matser, Mo Gawdat

Beyond Us: Growth

Episode 4: What is growth for?

Anandi Hattiangadi

The hunt for expertise

The logical labyrinth

Mary-Jane Rubenstein

Space, the new Wild West

Why space and why now?

Roger Penrose, Sean Carroll, Amélie Saintonge

The black hole paradox

The universe's unsolved mysteries

Donald Hoffman, Graham Harman, Mazviita Chirimuta

The survival paradox

Have we evolved to see the truth about reality?

Lee Smolin

Time and a new story of the universe

Moving towards a unified physics

Graham Harman, Anandi Hattiangadi, Hilary Lawson

Belief, hypocrisy and reason

The difference between opinion and truth

Patricia Churchland

Understanding ourselves

The nature and data of morality

Sundar Sarukkai

The limits of Western thought

Why non-Western science is paramount

Hilary Lawson, Michael Shermer, Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

Nothing but the truth

Are all views essentially perspectival?

Philosophy for cynical times

An interview with Slavoj Žižek

Chris Impey, Renee Fatemi, Paul Davies, Philip Ball

The end of physics as we know it

Is it time to throw away the Standard Model?

Laura Mersini-Houghton, Hilary Lawson, Craig Callender, Paul Davies, Sara Walker

Beyond time and space

Locking horns over the arrows of time

Dallas Campbell

How to leave the planet

What’s out there?

Catherine Heymans, Nick Lane, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Avi Loeb

Alive in the universe

Why are we so determined to believe in alien life?

Laura Mersini-Houghton, Catherine Heymans, Patricia Churchland, Brian Greene, Amanda Gefter

Planck and the consciousness puzzle

Can we see matter as derivative of consciousness?

Hilary Lawson, Joanna Kavenna, Raymond Tallis, Jennifer Ackerman

Language, animals and us

The uniqueness of human language

Paul Davies

Cosmology's Biggest Questions

The questions keeping cosmologists up at night

James Tartaglia

The return of idealism

A re-examination of knowledge, reality and truth

Sabine Hossenfelder, Phillip Ball, Bjørn Ekeberg, Sam Henry

New theories of the universe

Is it time to move past the standard model?

Maria Balaska, Quassim Cassam, Hilary Lawson, Lisa Feldman Barrett

Mind, Maps and Reality

Finding order in our universe

Hilary Lawson

The Trouble with Truth

Embracing a radical alternative to reality

Johnjoe McFadden

Life in the quantum universe

Quantum mechanics in the natural world

Johnjoe McFadden, Alexander Franklin, Chandrima Ganguly, Steffen Gielen

The end of the universe

Can we predict the fate of the universe?

Joanna Kavenna, Raymond Tallis, Hilary Lawson, Maria Balaska

The unsayable

Can language adequately capture reality?

Catherine Heymans

Our place in the cosmos

An exploration into the night sky

Hilary Lawson, Galen Strawson, Patricia Churchland, Maria Balaska

The return of metaphysics

Should we return to grand stories about reality?

Robert Lawrence Kuhn

Asking ultimate questions

Enquiring into the nature of reality

Timothy Williamson

How philosophy occupies the everyday

An interview with Timothy Williamson

Sabine Hossenfelder

Science needs philosophy

An interview with Sabine Hossenfelder

Julian Baggini, Peter Atkins, Philip Goff, Güneş Taylor, Melanie Challenger

Life, the universe, and everything else

Has science rendered philosophy redundant?

Determinism is a superstition

An interview with James Tartaglia

Hilary Lawson, Joanna Kavenna, Rupert Sheldrake, Peter Atkins, Güneş Taylor

Reality, fantasy and metaphor

Are scientific metaphors a real description of reality?

Michio Kaku

The quest for a final theory

Can we find a theory of everything?

Lee Smolin, Sabine Hossenfelder, Paul Davies, Phillip Ball

The universe, fixity and flux

Exploring the laws of the universe

Tim Maudlin

Untangling space and time

Framing the fundamental laws with Tim Maudlin

Iain McGilchrist

The world is not made of things

An interview with Iain McGilchrist

David Chalmers

From the matrix to the metaverse

Finding meaning in a virtual world

Peter Atkins, James Ladyman, Joanna Kavenna, Julian Baggini

The world that disappeared

Can we be sure there is a physical reality?

Anandi Hattiangadi, Sophie Grace Chappell, Julian Baggini, Simon Blackburn

A matter of facts

The value of truth in contemporary society

Danielle Sands, Angela Saini, Steve Fuller, Rupert Sheldrake, Peter Atkins

Seeing how it is

Can empirical observation lead us to the truth?

Kehinde Andrews, Mary-Jane Rubenstein, John McWhorter, L. A. Paul

Language and power

Is language capable of communicating experience?

Martin Rees

The life and philosophy of Martin Rees

An interview with Martin Rees

David Aaronovitch, Hilary Lawson, Minna Salami, Julie Bindel, Julian Baggini

Postmodernism in the dock

Are we right to abandon objective truth?

Iain McGilchrist, Rowan Williams

On the nature of reality

The limits of materialism

Hilary Lawson, Maria Balaska, Simon Blackburn, Ruth Chang

The search for certainty

Should we give up the dream of certainty?

Sarah Garfinkel, Joanna Kavenna, Mark Salter, Ian Parker

The trauma of everyday

Have mundane setbacks become catastrophic?

Hilary Lawson, Michio Kaku, Sabine Hossenfelder, Roger Penrose

The mystery of the multiverse

Should we abandon the multiverse theory?

Chandrima Ganguly

Science and the prejudice of the West

Why we need to decolonise science

Rupert Sheldrake, Paul Davies, Dallas Campbell, Katie Robertson

What the world is made of

What is the fundamental nature of reality?

John Ellis

Solving the dark matter mystery

Exploring the dark side of physics

Rufus Duits, Hilary Lawson, Barry C. Smith, Maria Balaska

Lost in language

Is analytic philosophy's fixation on language holding us back?

David Deutsch, Sara Walker, George Ellis

The edge of the universe

Is the idea of infinity nonsense or a key insight?

Hilary Lawson

The world after reality

Reality is dead

Roger Penrose

From one universe to the next

An interview with Roger Penrose

Eric Weinstein, Michael Shermer

Finding an ultimate theory of everything

Eric Weinstein and Michael Shermer in conversation

Julian Barbour, Eric J. Lerner, Claudia Maraston, Jess Wade

Cosmology and the big bust

Should we abandon the Big Bang theory?

Myriam François, Barry C. Smith, Janne Teller, Silvia Jonas

The one true story

Is philosophy the disinterested pursuit of truth?

Marika Taylor, Peter Woit, Arif Ahmed, David Malone

The code to the cosmos

Is maths the language of the universe?

Bjørn Ekeberg

Cosmology needs philosophy

An interview with Bjørn Ekeberg

Johnjoe McFadden

How Occam's Razor changed the world

The value of simplicity in a complex world

Hilary Lawson

The making of reality

An interview with Hilary Lawson

Barry C. Smith, Tim Maudlin, Marika Taylor, Harry Cliff

Science fact or science fiction?

Are some scientific theories fictional speculation?

Paul Davies

Gravitational waves: a new frontier?

Black holes, gravity and the future of cosmology

Roger Penrose, Katie Robertson

The future of cosmology with Roger Penrose

Is the universe reborn in cycles?

Hilary Lawson, Peter Woit, Becky Parker, David Malone

The theory to end all theories

Is a theory of everything possible?

Marika Taylor, Julian Baggini

Head to Head: Philosophy vs Science

Does science need philosophy?

Ellen Clarke, Güneş Taylor, Julian Baggini, Ben Burgis

The ignorance of experts

Can we rely on science for the answers?

Tim Palmer

The science of uncertainty with Tim Palmer

Uncertainty as the essence of understanding

Francesca Chadha-Day, Bjørn Ekeberg, Johnjoe McFadden, Pavel Kroupa

Beyond the Darkness

Dark Matter: A Baseless Hypothesis?

How philosophy got lost

An interview with philosopher Slavoj Žižek

Johnjoe McFadden, Bjørn Ekeberg, Rupert Sheldrake, Sabine Hossenfelder

The strangeness of the universe

A weird and wonderful world

Katie Robertson

The demons of thermodynamics

Seeing the world through the geometry of chaos

Maria Balaska, Anders Sandberg, Massimo Pigliucci, Mazviita Chirimuta

Getting everything, losing everything

The dawn of a new reality?

Joanna Kavenna, Hilary Lawson, Arif Ahmed, Ruth Kempson

A world by any other name

Can we crack our relationship to language?

Harry Cliff

The secrets of the universe

The Higgs boson, dark matter and other mysteries

Simon Blackburn

How I changed my mind about truth

An interview with philosopher Simon Blackburn

Pavel Kroupa

The dark matter myth

An interview with astrophysicist Pavel Kroupa

Bjørn Ekeberg

Beyond the big bang

How to reimagine our cosmological model

Katie Robertson, Roger Penrose, Brian Greene, Eric Weinstein, Tasneem Zehra Husain

The trouble with string theory

Is string theory doomed?

Brian Greene, Catherine Heymans, Sabine Hossenfelder, Michael Shermer, Eric Weinstein

The end of everything

Is a theory of everything just around the corner?

Tasneem Zehra Husain, Ben Burgis, Niki Seth-Smith, Paul Horwich

The best and worst of all possible worlds

Are there alternate realities to ours?

Donald Hoffman

The reality beyond spacetime

Is spacetime doomed?

Maria Balaska, Hilary Lawson, Paul Horwich, Lisa Randall

Philosophy at war

A battle at the heart of philosophy

Iain McGilchrist, Hilary Lawson

In Conversation: Iain McGilchrist and Hilary Lawson

Can we make sense of the cosmos?

Tommy J. Curry, Rupert Sheldrake, Joanna Kavenna, Suchitra Sebastian

After knowledge

The limits of knowledge

Stephon Alexander

Stephon Alexander on the Fear of a Black Universe

Sabine Hossenfelder

What are Breakthroughs in Science?

Roger Penrose

Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?

Michio Kaku

Are There Other Dimensions?

Rebecca Goldstein

Why Is There Anything At All?

Katie Robertson, Betty Sue Flowers, Nolen Gertz, Joscha Bach

Rhetoric and reality

Why is language no guide to reality?

Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Sabine Hossenfelder, Michio Kaku, Max Tegmark, Juan Maldacena

Fantasy, faith, and physics

The hidden motivations of physicists

Bjørn Ekeberg, Sunetra Gupta, Michael Shermer, Mark Salter

Reality, models, and mayhem

Can science provide a complete account of reality?

Sabine Hossenfelder, Erik Verlinde, Priyamvada Natarajan, Bjørn Ekeberg

Gravity and the universe

The mysteries of gravity

Eric J. Lerner

The censorship of cosmology

Has science stifled debate on the Big Bang?

Paul Horwich

Explaining away truth

An interview with Paul Horwich

Michael Shermer, Rupert Sheldrake, Güneş Taylor

On the edges of knowledge

How do we assess claims to scientific knowledge?

Katie Robertson, Eric Weinstein, George Ellis, Matt O'Dowd

Down the wormhole

The myth of wormholes

Donald Hoffman, Tim Maudlin, Güneş Taylor, Lisa Randall

Dangerous data

Is unwavering trust in science a dangerous move?

Michio Kaku, Güneş Taylor, Avshalom Elitzur, Jimena Canales, Tim Maudlin

The trouble with time

Reality's challenge to physics

Suchitra Sebastian

The secrets of quantum emergence

Exploring the greatest mystery in physics

Joanna Kavenna, Slavoj Žižek

The life and philosophy of Slavoj Žižek

Celebrity philosopher reflects on his life's work

Michael Della Rocca

Why we should question everything

An interview with Michael Della Rocca

Lisa Randall

Data needs theory

Exploring the mysteries of the universe

Priyamvada Natarajan

Uncovering the secrets of the universe

How black holes change our sense of the cosmos

Dominic Walliman

Quantum computing and the future of science communication

An interview with Dominic Walliman

Niki Seth-Smith, Janne Teller, Oliver Ready, Kathleen Higgins

Dostoevsky vs Nietzsche

The fundamental threat to humanity

Hilary Lawson

Hilary Lawson on Closure

Eliane Glaser, John Ellis, Sophie Scott-Brown, David Aaronovitch

The new Renaissance

A revolution in knowing

Luke Robert Mason, Kenneth Cukier, Joanna Bryson, Noortje Marres

Dreams, delusions and data

Is Big Data just marketing hype?

Eric Weinstein

We need a scientific revolution

An interview with Eric Weinstein

Lisa Randall

Truth, beauty and other scientific misconceptions

When beautiful theories are killed by ugly facts

Suchitra Sebastian, Hilary Lawson, Philip Goff, Jack Symes

The mystery of emergence

Is complexity a cop-out?

Donald Hoffman

Perception as a fantasy

Reality as illusion

Dominic Walliman, George Ellis, Suchitra Sebastian, Denis Noble

Beauty and the meaning of life

Will beauty lead science astray?

Roger Penrose

Roger Penrose | Interview

On quantum mechanics and consciousness

Suchitra Sebastian, Dominic Walliman

The future of physics

Physics and beyond

Michael Shermer

Conspiracy and belief

An interview with Michael Shermer

Peter Woit

The fall and resurrection of 4-dimensional numbers

The elusive world of quaternions

Sabine Hossenfelder, Hilary Lawson

In conversation: Sabine Hossenfelder and Hilary Lawson

On physics' need for philosophy

Tim Maudlin, Michael Della Rocca, Kathleen Higgins, Jack Symes

Fragments and reality

Is the world really made of separate parts?