Hilary Lawson

Post-postmodern Philosopher

Hilary Lawson is a post-postmodern philosopher and a renowned critic of philosophical realism. He is best known for his work on reflexivity and his theory of Closure, which puts forward a non-realist metaphysics arguing that we close the openness of the world with our thought and language. Find out more at https://www.hilarylawson.com.

Hilary Lawson is a post-postmodern philosopher and a renowned critic of philosophical realism. He is best known for his work on reflexivity and his theory of Closure, which puts forward a non-realist metaphysics arguing that we close the openness of the world with our thought and language. Find out more at https://www.hilarylawson.com.

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Error, Lies and Adventure Part 2

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Maps of Mystery

Can art help us catch sight of the ineffable? Or, do we mystify existence at our peril?

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Shooting Truth

Hilary Lawson, Henrietta Moore, Peter Hacker, Lilian Edwards, Alan Winfield

Rise of the Machines

AI: a science fiction fantasy?

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Slavoj Žižek debates whether Paradoxes are here to stay

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In search of freedom

Do we choose to follow the rules?

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Consciousness and the world

The relationship between experience and reality

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Belief, hypocrisy and reason

The difference between opinion and truth

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Nothing but the truth

Are all views essentially perspectival?

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Memes all the way down

Is Dawkins' concept useful?

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New gods and lost rituals

Should religion play a role in modern life?

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Reality, fantasy and metaphor

Are scientific metaphors a real description of reality?

David Aaronovitch, Hilary Lawson, Minna Salami, Julie Bindel, Julian Baggini

Postmodernism in the dock

Are we right to abandon objective truth?

Hilary Lawson, Maria Balaska, Simon Blackburn, Ruth Chang

The search for certainty

Should we give up the dream of certainty?

Rufus Duits, Hilary Lawson, Barry C. Smith, Maria Balaska

Lost in language

Is analytic philosophy's fixation on language holding us back?

Hilary Lawson

The world after reality

Reality is dead

Hilary Lawson

The making of reality

An interview with Hilary Lawson

Hilary Lawson, Peter Woit, Becky Parker, David Malone

The theory to end all theories

Is a theory of everything possible?

Joanna Kavenna, Hilary Lawson, Arif Ahmed, Ruth Kempson

A world by any other name

Can we crack our relationship to language?

Maria Balaska, Hilary Lawson, Paul Horwich, Lisa Randall

Philosophy at war

A battle at the heart of philosophy

Iain McGilchrist, Hilary Lawson

In Conversation: Iain McGilchrist and Hilary Lawson

Can we make sense of the cosmos?

Hilary Lawson

Hilary Lawson on Closure

Hilary Lawson, Rebecca Roache, Simon Baron-Cohen, Samira Shackle

Necessity and lies

Is it ever right to lie? Is honesty ever wrong?

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The mystery of emergence

Is complexity a cop-out?

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The oldest gods

Should we return to the gods of nature?

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In a 'post-truth' world, what can we believe in?

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What does the future really have in store?

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Uncovering the universe

Can science really reveal its secrets?

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Embracing a radical alternative to reality

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Virtue and vice

Is our belief in morality a dangerous fantasy?