Leena Nair

Chief HR Officer at Unilever.

Chief HR Officer at Unilever.

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In Defense of Pornography

What kind of porn could be ok?

Barry C. Smith, Christopher Hamilton, Raymond Tallis, Havi Carel, Zoe Williams

The Agony & the Ecstasy

Is pain a necessary part of human experience?

Kwame Anthony Appiah

Against Meritocracy

Kwame Anthony Appiah | Merit is a mask of class

Zoe Williams, Simon Baron-Cohen, Rebecca Roache, Peter Dews

The Problem of Evil

Does 'evil' exist?

Julian Baggini, Peter Tatchell, David Miller, Natalie Cargill

Morality of the Tribe

Should and can we treat all people equally?

Terry Eagleton, Susan Neiman, Janne Teller, Stephen de Wijze

The Lure of Lucifer

Why do we love Evil?

Julian Baggini, Angie Hobbs, John Milbank, Christopher Hamilton

Our Sins and Our Selves

Should we embrace our inconsistency?

Hilary Lawson, Paul Boghossian, Naomi Goulder, Michael Ruse

The Mystery of the Good

Is morality relative or absolute?

Hilary Lawson, Phillip Blond, Myriam François

The Really Real

Is absolute right and wrong a fantasy?

Hilary Lawson, Brendan O'Neill, Naomi Goulder, Sam Roddick, Sameer Rahim

The Good, The Bad, and the Controversial

Is morality simply prejudice?

Finn Mackay, Myriam François, Leena Nair, Elif Safak

Rethinking Feminism

Is there a universal goal for women's rights?

Hilary Lawson, Simone Schnall, Rae Langton, Joel Robbins

Being Human and Being Good

Is morality relative?

Rebecca Goldstein

Why Philosophy Won't Go Away

Rebecca Goldstein | Plato in the Age of Google

Beatrix Campbell, Helen Croydon, Melissa Benn, Sam Roddick

Women and Conquest

Is modern sexual culture liberating?

Finn Mackay, Katie Derham, Matthew Hancock

The World After Men

Should we pursue matriarchy?

Isabel Hilton, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Margaret Heffernan, Myriam François

Sisters and the Sisterhood

Can elite women help all women?

Julian Baggini, Rupert Sheldrake, Nicholas Humphrey, Shahidha Bari, Richard Harries

Is Religion Dangerous?

Faith - The Problem or The Solution

Stephen Batchelor

After Buddhism

What could secular Buddhism bring the West?

Shaun Ley, Darren Langdridge, Liz Kelly, Teresa Morgan

The Last Taboo

Paedophilia, innocence and morality

Anders Sandberg, Eliane Glaser, Simon Baron-Cohen, Peter Dews

Doing Right and Feeling Good

Is morality about thinking or feeling?

Stanley Fish, Philip Collins, Myriam François, Roger Bolton

Thinking Good and Doing Evil

Is belief in any morality dangerous?

Kristen Sollee

Witches, Sluts, Feminists

Kristen Sollee | A History of Witch Feminism

Janne Teller

On Evil

How do we explain our fascination with evil?

Finn Mackay

Return to Radical Feminism

Finn Mackay | Has current feminism lost its way?

Danielle Sands, Christopher Hamilton, John Milbank, Patricia MacCormack

Trouble with Heaven

Why does the dark and the dangerous attract us?

Chris Sherwood, Martha Fiennes, Robert Rowland Smith, Shahidha Bari

The Story of Romance

Do we need a new narrative for love?

Owen Jones

A Politics of Hope

Where are the alternatives to injustice?

Mary Midgley, Roger Bolton, Peter Singer

On Humans and Animals

Peter Singer and Mary Midgley on what's next for animal rights

Matthew Stone, Hilary Lawson, Raymond Tallis, Jake Chapman

Dancing with the Devil

Can and should art be moral? Our controversial panel confront the darkness.

Natalie Bennett, Ritula Shah, Marcela Manubens, Phillip Blond

Equality and Difference

Should equality be applied to all aspects of life?

Rupert Sheldrake

Rethinking Science and Spirituality

Rupert Sheldrake | They complement each other

Griselda Pollock

After Feminism

The traumatic force of feminism | Griselda Pollock

Finn Mackay, Angela Eagle, Patricia MacCormack, Rana Mitter

Beyond Men and Women

Should we fight prejudice or gender?

Yaron Brook

Equal Is Unfair

Inequality is not the foe | Yaron Brook

Catherine Hakim, Theodore Dalrymple, Zing Tsjeng, Niki Adams

Victims and Conquerors

Prostitutes or clients, who holds the power?

Rowan Pelling, Serena Kutchinsky, Kirsty White

Forbidden Fantasies

Is sexual desire dangerous?

Mark Rowlands

Can Animals Be Moral?

Myriam François, Anthony Gottlieb, Linda Woodhead, Julian Baggini

Reason and the Gods

What do secular and religious worldviews share?

Amy Grier, Christopher Hamilton, Doll Cat Pvssy, Tim Dowling

The Self and the Selfie

Can focusing on oneself bring about happiness?

Helena Cronin, Philip Collins, Sophie Walker, Theodore Dalrymple

Greater Than Equal

Is equality of opportunity a misguided goal that legitimises inequality?

Diane Abbott, Jamie Whyte, Julie Bindel, Rowan Pelling, Serena Kutchinsky

Real Men

Is the real man a fantasy?

Afua Hirsch, Pavan Dhaliwal, Scott Atran

New Gods

Do we need religion? And if so, why?

Don Cupitt

The Fountain

Vishvapani Blomfield

Morality and Mindfulness

Vishvapani Blomfield | Can meditation fix ethics?

Margaret Heffernan

How to See Things Clearly

Overcoming Wilful Blindness | Margaret Heffernan

Terry Eagleton

The Death of God and the War On Terror

Secularism versus religious fundamentalism

Janet Radcliffe-Richards

Ethics, Darwin and Dante

The assumptions behind moral beliefs

Catherine Hakim, Paul Moss, Theodore Dalrymple, Hallie Rubenhold, Brooke Magnanti

Selling Ourselves

The body as a commodity

Joel Robbins

Good and Evil Around the Globe

Is morality rooted in culture? | Joel Robbins

John Milbank, Jonathan Derbyshire, Madawi Al-Rasheed, Stephen Law

Belief and the Gods

Is the divine a fantasy?

Richard Schoch

The Myth of Being Happy

We should give up on the obsession with happiness

Myriam François, Rowan Pelling, Emma Sulkowicz, Isabel Hilton

Dreams of Equality

What does mainstream feminism promise?

Alister McGrath

Science and Religion

Can science and religion coexist?

Richard Reeves

Dream Hoarders

Is the middle class to blame for inequality?

Niki Adams, Liz Hilton

The Oldest Profession

Niki Adams | Should we decriminalise sex work?

Clare Carlisle, John Harris, Naomi Goulder, Richard Coles

In Place of Prejudice

Can rationality provide a basis for morality?

Diane Abbott, Helena Cronin, Niamh Corbett, Matthew Parris

When Women Rule

Do women make better leaders?

Mary Midgley

Death and the Human Animal

Is the quest for immortality a fool's errand?

Beatrix Campbell, David Aaronovitch, Julie Bindel, Carla Buzasi

After Equality

Where is feminism going?

Samantha Roddick

God is an Orgasm

Daniel Miller, Rowan Pelling, Peter Hitchens, Lauren Booth

The Devil's Parties

Phillip Blond, Elif Sarican, Roger Bolton, Joanna Williams

Where Women Rule

The age of anti-patriarchy

Angela Eagle

Politics and the Patriarchy

Does Westminster still have a problem with women?

Peter Curran, Rae Langton, Tom Sorell, Sophie Van Der Zee

Of Lies and Necessity

Is honesty a fantasy?

Onora O'Neill

What's Right Anymore?

Beatrix Campbell, Helen Croydon, John Bird, Meg Rosoff

After Equality

Where is feminism going?

Iain Edgar, Susan Blackmore, Caspar Melville, Edward Skidelsky, Peter Hitchens

Drug Culture

Linda Woodhead

How We Came to #MeToo

Linda Woodhead | The origins of sexual accusations

Margaret Heffernan

A Woman's World

Margaret Heffernan | On radical feminist futures

Angela Saini, Colin Tudge, Eileen Barker, Stephen Law

Return of the Pagans

Does paganism offer a new haven for spirituality?

Oliver Scott Curry, Angela Saini, Colin Tudge, Tom Sorell

Moral Animals and Our Place in the Universe

Are good and evil unique to humans?

Mark Rowlands

The Point of It All

Where should we turn to find meaning?

Peter Watson

The Age of Nothing

The consequences of the decline of faith

Sally Green, Mark Rowlands, Pavan Dhaliwal, Camila Batmanghelidjh

The Banality of Evil

Nature versus nurture

AL Kennedy, Nicholas Humphrey, Rana Mitter, Pascal Bruckner

Life's Secret

Purpose and the Pursuit of Happiness

Diane Abbott

The Crisis of Masculinity

Can socialism and feminism help redefine manhood?

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Exotic England: Europe's Most Promiscuous Tribe

People's promiscuity in multicultural England

Paul Moss, Ben Hammersley, Warren Ellis, Edie Lush

Is Digital Thinking Different?

The internet revolution & the human brain

Adrian Arbib

Dangerous Images

Acclaimed photographer Adrian Arbib uncovers the moment art and journalism clash with the law.

Kimberlé Crenshaw, Diane Abbott, Richard Reeves, Kemi Badenoch, Rana Mitter

Who We Are: Beyond Black and White

Can we have a world where race does not matter?

Finn Mackay

Myths About Feminism

Why real feminism isn’t about women ruling the world.

Christopher Hamilton, John Harris, Roger Bolton, Molly Crockett

Beyond Good and Evil II

Is morality instinctual?

Katie Derham, Joanna Kavenna, Parashkev Nachev, Hilary Lawson

True to Myself

Morality, virtues & consequences

Renata Salecl, Rowan Williams, Robert Rowland Smith, Michael Crick

A Tale of Love and Hate

Are love and hate inextricably linked?

Finn Mackay, Julian Le Grand, Neel Mukherjee, Steve Hewlett

Competition versus Cooperation

Can we survive and succed without competition?

Marcel Theroux, Sean Curran, Sarah Chan, John Sauven

Morality, Cruelty and Freedom

Attitudes towards animal suffering

Caspar Melville, Rupert Read, Alastair McIntosh, Benny Peiser

In the Beginning was Nature

Spirtuality and the environment

Tom Chatfield

How to Thrive in a Digital Age

Harry Eyres, Gerald Moore, Val Curtis

Purity and Dirt

Uncovering the significance of cleanliness

Gabriel Gbadamosi, Gerald Moore, Brett Kahr, Rowan Pelling

The Sweetest Taboo

Mark Vernon

How to be Agnostic

David Nutt

Democracy and Drugs

Should we legalise psychedelics as a treatment for mental illness?

Theodore Dalrymple

Romancing Opiates

Theodore Dalrymple offer his personal take on the problems poppies pose

Joanna Kavenna, Mike Figgis, Robert Eaglestone, Sean Holmes

The Nature of Evil

Can art vanquish evil?

Ziauddin Sardar

Critical Islam

Beyond Fundamentalist and Apologist Islams

John Harris, Julian Savulescu

Enhancing Morality

Andrew Copson, Paul Kingsnorth, Kevin Warwick

Visions of Disaster and Perfection

AL Kennedy, Catherine Hakim, Roger Bolton, Serena Kutchinsky

Women on Top

Gender equality and positions of power

Bracha Ettinger, Julian Stallabrass, Hilary Lawson, Joanna Kavenna

Awake in the Universe

Art's ability to raise us from slumbers

Isabel Hilton, Jesse Norman, Simon May, Richard Layard


Ann Furedi, Clare Carlisle, John Harris, Mark Salter

Your Life in Your Hands

Is the sanctity of life an illusion?

Janne Teller, Simon Glendinning, Ted Honderich, Thomas Pogge

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Morality in a globalised world

Diane Abbott

The Sexualisation of Society

Diane Abbott | Do we think about sex too much?

Finn Mackay, Simon May, Minette Marrin, Christopher Hamilton

The Skin We're In

Selling the body versus selling the mind

John Bird, Linda Woodhead, Oliver Scott Curry

The Self and the Selfless

Does true altruism exist?

Beatrix Campbell

The End of Equality

Why the age of equality is a myth

David Nutt

Rationality and Drugs

Why our current policy to drugs is nonsense

Alison Wolf, John Sauven, Colin Tudge

Pagan Gods

Is environmentalism a superstitious belief?

Don Cupitt

Ways to Truth

Is knowledge founded on tradition or creativity?

Peter Tatchell, Shaun Ley, George Galloway, David Goodhart

More Than Equal

Mary Warnock

Rescuing Morality

A post-faith survival guide

Frank Furedi

The New Inquisition

The forbidden ideas in media

Julie Bindel

Where Have All the Radicals Gone?

The struggle against oppression has lost its way

Steven Rose, Thomas Pogge, John Bird, Afua Hirsch

Escaping The Moral Maze

Is morality a figleaf for prejudice?

Ziauddin Sardar, Samantha Roddick, Leonidas Donskis, Sara Passmore

A Touch of Evil

Is it good to be bad?

Jenneth Parker, Rob Penn, Susan Robertson, David Christie

Local Heroes

Bryan Appleyard

The Exceptional Species

From our earliest myths humankind has clung to the view that we are special: but are we?

Carol Diethe, Julian Baggini, Simon May, Anthony O'Hear

Beyond Good and Evil

Do we live in a Nietzschean world?

Sean Curran, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Margaret Hodge, Ritula Shah

Running the World Differently

What if women were in power?

Emma Borg, Laurie Taylor, Mark Vernon, Tanya Gold

The Good, the Bad and the Powerful

Manipulating Morality

Susan Neiman

Freedom, Victims, and Heroes

Taking ownership of the world

Isabel Hilton, Vincente Fox, Chris Bryant, John Ralston Saul

Drugs, Money, and Morality

The hypocrisy of the West

Richard Layard, Mark Williamson

How To Change The World

Can you change a culture from the inside out?

Gabriel Gbadamosi, Mark Vernon, Jampa Thaye, Gay Watson

Buddhists in Suburbia

Adjoa Andoh, Alex Voorhoeve, Michael Hastings

Bad to the Bone

Polly Toynbee, Richard Sennett

The World After Ideals

Roger Penrose, Bonnie Greer, Andrew Copson

Awake in the Universe (HTLGI 2010)

Keynote debate. What role do art and creativity play in making us alive?

Rupert Sheldrake

Cycles of Wonder

Science and Religion

Mark Vernon

Love: All that matters

For the self, the other and life itself

Stephen Cave

Four Ways to Live Forever

Anita Sethi, Daniel Miller

The Love of Things

John Harris

Humanity Unbound

How science changes our nature and rights

Alison Wolf

The Death of Sisterhood

The gulf between the lives of women

Doon Mackichan

A Time for Outrage

Doon Mackichan

Steve Fuller

How to Play God

What kind of deity do you want to be?

Nick Harkaway

Touching Cyberspace

Back to the physical

Bjorn Lomborg, Paul Moss

New Visions of Progress

Razia Iqbal, Cedar Lewisohn, Godfrey Barker, Julian Spalding

Imagination, Inc.

Does public patronage awaken or stifle the arts? Do cuts spell the end of creativity?

Mary-Jane Rubenstein

Mary-Jane Rubenstein | In-depth Interview

On the multiverse, pantheism, and beyond

Natalie Bennett, David Malone, Sister Jayanti, David King

Modern Crises and Ancient Gods

Will science or spirituality resolve the climate crisis?

Kate Kirkpatrick

Kate Kirkpatrick | In-depth Interview

On Simone de Beauvoir, existentialism, and beyond

Rupert Sheldrake

The Hidden Science of Spirituality

Why meditation and prayer is good for you

Jason McKenzie Alexander, Justin Smith, Barry C. Smith, Myriam François

Do we still need morality?

Is there an objective morality to guide us?

Susan Neiman

Susan Neiman | In-depth Interview

On Evil and its allure

Steven Pinker

Steven Pinker | In-depth Interview

On Human Nature, the Enlightenment and Beyond

Bart Streumer

Bart Streumer | In-depth Interview

On metaethics, error theory and beyond.

Stephen de Wijze

Being Bad To Do Good

Draconian measures the new moral norm

Hannah Dawson, Susan Neiman, Patricia Churchland, Peter Hitchens

The Morality of Pandemic

What duty do we have to others during COVID-19?

Stephen de Wijze

Evil acts, good people

The problem of dirty hands

Sophie Grace Chappell

Moments of Discovery

How do we decide on a moral system?

Giles Fraser

Church, State and Nietzsche

Is the church inescapably political?

Terry Eagleton

Ideas to live and die by

Which do we take seriously?

Rupert Sheldrake

Living in the now

Spiritual practices and panpsychism

Michael Sandel

In Conversation with Michael Sandel

The Tyranny of Merit

Peter Singer

Arc of life: Peter Singer

The biography of a world leading moral philosopher

Mary Ann Sieghart, Myriam François, Peter Egan, Peter Singer, Christopher Belshaw

In love with animals?

Can we care about animals if we eat them?

Dan Zahavi

The empathy trap

Is empathy our best base for morality?

Anders Sandberg

Preparing for Utopia

An interview with transhumanist Anders Sandberg

Bernardo Kastrup, Fred Matser, Donald Hoffman

Beyond Us: Competition

Episode 2: Did we evolve to compete or cooperate?

Linda Woodhead

The Church's decline

An Interview with Linda Woodhead

Peter Atkins

The corruption of science

An interview with Peter Atkins

David Aaronovitch, Åsa Wikforss, Santiago Zabala

The truth about lies

Does telling the truth still matter?

Rupert Sheldrake

Ways to go beyond

Why spiritual journeys draw non-religious people

Rupert Sheldrake

Nature's memory

The theory of Morphic Resonance

Mark Salter, Peter Sjöstedt-H, Ece Temelkuran, Alison Milbank

The precarious case for being good

Are we living in the long shadow of a dead God?

Raymond Tallis

Humanity beyond nature

An interview with Raymond Tallis

Julie Bindel, Jonathan Wolff, Jesse Norman

Is morality a fashion statement?

Is morality fashionable?

David Goodhart, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Mark Lisenmayer, Crystal Fleming

Being seen to be good

Probing the moral maze of public morality

Julian Baggini, Myriam François, Ece Temelkuran, David Chandler

The hypocrisy of the good

Do strict moral codes prevent immoral acts?

Timothy Williamson, David D. Friedman, Maria Baghramian, Robert Rowland Smith

Moral truths and moral tyrannies

Can we claim there exists a universal moral code?

Rupert Sheldrake, Danielle Sands, Maria Balaska

The search for meaning

Does philosophy give meaning to our life?

Matthew Taylor, Rebecca Roache, Hilary Lawson, Danielle Sands

Virtue and vice

Is our belief in morality a dangerous fantasy?

Myriam François, Hilary Lawson, Peter Atkins, Mark Salter

New gods and lost rituals

Should religion play a role in modern life?

Julian Baggini

Atheism revisited

Changing beliefs in the Western world

Rupert Sheldrake, Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

Fantasy and the void

Will science ever replace religion?

Julian Baggini, Havi Carel, Anders Sandberg, Susie Orbach

If it doesn't kill you

Do we need suffering to lead a meaningful life?

Hilary Lawson, Melanie Challenger, Peter Sjöstedt-H, Tim Palmer

The oldest gods

Should we return to the gods of nature?

Mary-Jane Rubenstein

Gods, worlds and monsters

The threats of pantheism

Galen Strawson, Massimo Pigliucci, Sarah Garfinkel, Joanna Kavenna

Beyond innocence and guilt

Is moral responsibility a mere illusion?

Alister McGrath

Science, religion and the quest for reason

An interview with Alister McGrath

Rana Mitter, Santiago Zabala, Corine Besson, Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad

The knowledge delusion

Should we give up on the idea of certainty?

Peter Godfrey-Smith

Should we care for ants?

Moral limits in the contemporary world

Güneş Taylor, Natalie Bennett, Peter Lilley, Mark Williams

The civilisation trap

Did hunter-gatherers have a better life?

Emma Sulkowicz, Andrea Elliott, Janne Teller, Paul Muldoon

Kafka vs Camus

Can we change the world?

Rebecca Roache

How to use philosophy for a better life

The path towards more enlightened societies

Ruth Chang, Simon Blackburn, Joanna Kavenna

Moral facts and moral fantasy

Is our search for an objective morality misguided?

Myriam François, Joanna Kavenna, Tommy J. Curry, Massimo Pigliucci

The good and the evil

Can we make ultimate moral judgements?

Alex O'Connor

Humans are not morally superior

Veganism for Philosophers

Jess Wade, Kenneth Cukier, Nolen Gertz, Caitjan Gainty

The dream of progress

Why do we need technological progress?

Rupert Sheldrake

Finding transcendence in a secular world

Spirituality amid secularism

Bonaventura Majolo

The evolution of war

Are we made to go to war?

Steven Berkoff

How to see the world through Kafka's eyes

Unmasking the human condition

Sophie Scott-Brown, Peter Singer, Julian Baggini, Robert Rowland Smith

The good, the bad, and the ignored

The fantasy of agency

Simon Blackburn, Peter Tatchell, Sophie Scott-Brown, Rana Mitter

Virtue ethics and the mob

Can morality matter and be private?

Slavoj Žižek

Surplus happiness

The false joy of excess

Rowan Williams

Embracing solidarity in a secular age

An interview with Rowan Williams

Hilary Lawson, Rebecca Roache, Simon Baron-Cohen, Samira Shackle

Necessity and lies

Is it ever right to lie? Is honesty ever wrong?

Rowan Williams, Maria Balaska, Slavoj Žižek, Myriam François

The end of good and evil

Can humans ever be inherently good or evil?

Simon Blackburn

Narcissism and self-love

Simon Blackburn on the dangers of self-love

Barry C. Smith, Sophie Grace Chappell, Michael Shermer, John Vervaeke

The shadow of spirituality

Is New Age spirituality leading us into a dark age?

Sophie Scott-Brown, Steven Pinker, John Mearsheimer

The enlightenment and its alternatives

Which ideals are the best guide to human betterment?

David Baddiel

The god desire

How to confront oblivion

David Pearce

The pursuit of happiness

An Interview with David Pearce

Myriam François, Daniel Markovits, Carol Gilligan, Peter Singer

A rule to live by

Is it time to abandon the Golden Rule?

Rupert Sheldrake

Discovering the world beyond science

Revisiting the supernatural

Peter Tatchell

How to Talk about Sex

Breaking taboos around sexuality

David Nutt

Drugs: the case for decriminalisation

The best choice for drug law reform

Mary Ann Sieghart

Flimsy feminism

Examining your biases

David Nutt, Peter Sjöstedt-H, Annemarie Ward, Mark Salter

Getting high and being human

Debating drug law reform

David D. Friedman

Anarchy in capitalism

An interview with David Friedman

Joanna Williams

Women vs feminism

Has feminism lost its edge?

Myriam François

How to think about whiteness

Overcoming the taboo

Bianca Jagger, Rana Mitter, Eileen Myles, Nina Power

Eradicating gender

Unraveling the path to equality

Ella Whelan

The future of feminism

Where is women's politics going?

Rana Mitter, Dawn Butler, Glenn Loury, George The Poet

Race, identity and justice

The relevance of race in the modern world

Glenn Loury

The dangers of victimhood

The effectiveness of BLM

Cari Mitchell

No bad women

The case for the decriminalisation of sex work

Mary Ann Sieghart

The authority gap

How to work towards gender equality

Kay Peggs, Jamie Blackett, Raymond Tallis, Melanie Challenger

Humans and other animals

The hypocrisy of the way we treat animals

David Nutt, Deirdre McCloskey, Peter Sjöstedt-H

Drugs, death and hypocrisy

Can and should we amend our drug policy?

Myriam François

What I've learned about whiteness

Moving towards a fairer society

Minna Salami

Knowledge reimagined

Exploring sensuous knowledge with Minna Salami.

Rana Mitter, Peter Tatchell, Myriam François, Sonia Poulton, Ruth Michaelson

The final wave

Free speech and feminism

Kenneth Cukier

Framing the world

The optimistic future of AI and humanity

Julie Bindel

The trouble with modern feminism

An interview with controversial feminist Julie Bindel

Joanna Kavenna, David Nutt, Güneş Taylor, Anna Waldstein

Dangerous desires

Must we adopt a new attitude to social drugs?

Thangam Debbonaire

From feminism to politics and back again

Mixing activism with politics

Peter Tatchell

How to fight back

An interview with Peter Tatchell

Sean Curran, Rowan Pelling, Myriam François, Ella Whelan

Bad boys

Is danger integral to desire?

Barry C. Smith, Julie Bindel, John Milbank, Olivia Fane

Sex, relationships and the future

Should we pursue love and sex separately?

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Reviving feminism

How to become a better feminist

Mary Ann Sieghart, Kate Kirkpatrick, Nina Power, Joanna Gosling

Reigning men

Where does the future of feminism lie?

Rana Mitter, Mary Ann Sieghart, Maya Oppenheim, Minna Salami

The weaker sex?

Should we abandon the idea that men need to protect women?

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Feminism and identity politics

Is identity politics holding feminism back?

Laurie Penny, Rana Mitter, Thangam Debbonaire, Louise Perry

The equality myth

Is the pursuit of absolute equality a mistake?

Peter Tatchell, Bobbi Pickard

In conversation with Peter Tatchell and Bobbi Pickard

A response to trans critics

Myriam François, Peter Tatchell, Katherine Angel, Catherine Hakim

Desiring and being desired

Navigating power in #MeToo

Myriam François, Minna Salami, Nicky Morgan, Ella Whelan

The equality puzzle

Do we need a new direction for feminism?

Tommy J. Curry

The dark side of feminism

Decolonising feminism

Isabel Hilton, Harriet Wistrich, Myriam François, David Livingstone Smith

Justice in jeopardy

Innocence and guilt in the modern world

Mike Herd, Julia Davies, Gerry Mitchell, Louise Ashley

The quest for the common good

Moving beyond individualism

Tommy J. Curry

Rethinking race and gender

How should we combat systemic racism?

Ashwini Deshpande

The enduring trauma of the caste system

Overcoming prejudice and brutal discrimination

Kathleen Stock

Material girls

Kathleen Stock’s perspective on sex and gender

Barry C. Smith, Hannah Dawson, Nina Power, Maya Oppenheim

Cracking the girl code

The future of the feminist struggle

Sophie Grace Chappell

The transgender mind-body problem

An interview with Sophie Grace Chappell