Rhianna Pratchett

Scriptwriter and journalist, lead writer for Tomb Raider

A self-described "scriptwriter, story designer, and narrative paramedic". Rhianna's career includes a stint at the Guardian, video game writing and a BAFTA nomination.

A self-described "scriptwriter, story designer, and narrative paramedic". Rhianna's career includes a stint at the Guardian, video game writing and a BAFTA nomination.

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Lessons from the sex industry

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Crisis and desire

Are we predisposed to catastrophise?

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Truth and prejudice

Does the modern university undermine free thought?

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Silenced for following the science

An interview with David Nutt

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Where science meets spirituality

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The good, the great and the ghosts of the past

Nostalgia vs. the new

Mandy Seligman

Seeing happy with Mandy Seligman

Honing in on that which makes us happy

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Do we really need codes for living?

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Science fiction for a dystopian present

An interview with Cory Doctorow

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An interview with Steven Bonnell

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Can the media ever be impartial?

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The game of life

Should we stop the gamification of life?

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The TikTok uprising

The global politics of a social media platform

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News in a post-trust world

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Finding peace in the modern day

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Climate, culture and creativity

Art and culture against climate change