The debates on IAI tv address the pressing issues of our time. The topics and speakers are the outcome of a stringent editorial process. From sub-atomic physics and philosophical logic to global politics and aesthetics, we do not ask our speakers to simplify for a public audience or to engage in sound bites but to make their opinions direct and clear to their peers in the debate.

Our hosts are critical to ensuring this takes place. It is their difficult and challenging role to insist that questions are answered, that speakers do not hide behind their authority, fame or expertise, and that conclusions are drawn. As a result our hosts are often experts in their own right with the confidence to challenge the leading thinkers in the particular field on their own turf.

Stephanie Hegarty

Stephanie Hegarty is a journalist, writer and broadcaster working on digital platforms, radio and TV. She has been serving as global population corresponde...

Steve Hewlett

Steve Hewlett was a journalist and broadcaster. He presented The Media Show on Radio 4.

Catherine Heymans

Professor of Astrophysics at the Institute for Astronomy within the University of Edinburgh, based at the Royal Observatory.

Isabel Hilton

Founder and and editor of, Hilton is a former editor-in-chief of and has reported from China, South Asia, Latin America...

Afua Hirsch

Having recently joined the team at Sky News as Social Affairs and Education Editor, Hirsch was previously the West Africa correspondent for the Guardian.

Angie Hobbs

Angie Hobbs is the chair for the Public Understanding of Philosophy at Sheffield, and a frequent contributor to the BBC’s In Our Time, Night Waves and The ...

Ted Hodgkinson

Ted Hodgkinson was previously the online editor at Granta, and currently works for British Council Literature. He was a judge for the 2012 Costa Book Award...

Stephen Hull

Stephen Hull is the Editor-in-Chief of the Huffington Post UK.

Razia Iqbal

Ugandan-born Razia Iqbal is a Special Correspondent and presenter for BBC News and is a regular presenter of Newshour on the BBC World Service. Iqbal is a ...

Martin Jacques

Journalist, academic and author of When China Rules The World, Jaques is a visiting senior fellow at the LSE and visiting professor at Tsinghua University,...

Curt Jaimungal

Curt Jaimungal is a Torontonian filmmaker who decided to pursue the lens while studying Mathematical Physics at the University of Toronto. He hosts the pod...

Alok Jha

A journalist and broadcaster based in London, Alok Jha is science correspondent for ITN and previously science correspondent at the Guardian. He has presen...

Ian Johnson

Secretary General of the Club of Rome, Ian previously worked at the World Bank, including eight years as Vice President for Sustainable Development.

Bernardo Kastrup

Bernardo Kastrup is a Dutch computer scientist, philosopher, and one of the most prominent defenders of "metaphysical idealism" - the notion that reality i...
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