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About IAI Academy

The IAI Academy is an educational platform offering courses from the world's leading thinkers across Philosophy, Science, Politics and the Arts.

How it works

Every course is made up of two lectures, each broken down into four parts for easy viewing, and assessed via pop-up questions and an end-of-module assessment.

Online Extras include further reading recommended by the instructor and related reading and viewing from across the IAI site, to help you take your learning further.

Our difference

IAI Academy courses break from the convention that lectures can and should be devoid of opinion. We invite the world’s biggest thinkers to put forward their case on a topic they feel passionately about, inspiring our learners to think critically and independently about what they hear.

All of our Academy courses are filmed at live events with a public audience. We do this in order to give our courses atmosphere and real engagement.

From Nobel Prize-winners to cultural critics, our instructors represent a diverse range of positions from across contemporary thinking.

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About IAI Academy

Learners' reviews of the IAI Academy

"These lectures bring a satisfying clarity to this fascinating subject."

— Desmond, on Tim Maudlin's course "The Philosophy of Quantum Theory"

"Professor Clark's exposition was extremely clear and certainly generated in me a pleasant intellectual excitement ... I think this short course is a sparkling example of how philosophy is a tool of psychology."

— Adrian, on Andy Clark's course "Predicting Ourselves"

 "Excellent course. I enjoyed how Dr. Fish combined the seemingly disparate topics of marriage, Trump, Milton, Shakespeare, and rhetoric in a humorous and enlightening way."

— Shannon, on Stanley Fish's course "How Stories Seduce Us"

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