The IAI Award

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The IAI Award is a qualification designed to stimulate and reward independent thinking.

Ideas are alive and evolving; at the edge there is rarely consensus. The IAI Award focuses on these new and sometimes conflicting ways of thinking, and reflects the changing character of thought.  

By inviting our instructors to voice their opinions on the challenges facing the cutting-edge of their fields, we encourage learners to embrace complexity in their learning. Rather than simply absorbing information, the IAI Award is about experiencing and interrogating a breadth of perspectives.

What is the IAI Award?

The IAI Award will be available in 4 core subject areas and 5 combined certificates. These are:

Philosophy and Science
Philosophy and Politics
Philosophy and Arts
Philosophy, Politics and Science (PPS)
Philosophy, Politics and Arts (PPA)

For single-subject Awards, all courses completed must belong to that subject. For all combined Awards, courses must be split evenly between each subject area - for example, to complete a PPS Award, you must complete two courses each in Philosophy, Politics, and Science.

How does it work?

To apply for an IAI Award you will need to have completed and passed 2 Academy courses. Once accepted, you will need to complete 6 courses to be eligible for an Award. In order to be valid towards an IAI Award, the course in question must have an assessment. You can manage your Award in the My Courses section of the IAI Academy.

The pass level you achieve in the Award is determined by the number of credits you earn for each of the the end-of-course assessments. Credits are awarded on the following basis:

3 credits for a score of 55% or above
4 credits for a score of 70% or above
6 credits for a score of 82.5% or above

The grade boundaries for the overall Award are as follows:

20-24 credits for a Pass.
25-29 credits for a Merit.
30-36 credits for a Distinction.

When can I enrol?

The IAI Award is now open for enrolment. Just head to the My Courses page to get started.