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“The IAI School has encouraged me to apply to university by nurturing the skills required for a university academic life e.g. critical thinking, reasoning, independent thinking, etc.”

IAI School bursary student
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Join corporations such as the Bank of England and Direct Line Group in supporting our IAI School bursary scheme.

Your support will help fund the production of an online or in-person edition of the IAI School and extend programme access and subscription to bursary students from disadvantaged educational backgrounds. More specifically:

  • IAI School access for a selected amount of bursary students
  • Year-long access to IAI TV for those bursary students
  • The opportunity to integrate a spokesperson within the programme
  • Sponsorship impact report
  • Standard festival sponsorship rights (further detail available upon request)


We are currently working with the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) to deliver our bursary scheme. SMF is a charity which aims to make a practical improvement in social mobility for young people. It works hard to provide opportunities, and networks of support for 16-17 year olds who are unable to get them from their schools or families.


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95.6% of IAI School students agreed that they felt more confident about the university application process after attending the IAI School programme.

81.6% felt that they were now more able to critically engage with new ideas and analyse arguments.

71.5% feel more confident working as part of a team to construct an argument after the IAI School workshops.

98% of students feel more informed about societal and academic issues after attending the IAI School programme.