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Talk - The Truth About The Nuclear Threat

Monday 4th April - 07:30 PM BST

Talk - The Truth About The Nuclear Threat

Is mutually assured annihilation a real safeguard?

After decades of thinking the nuclear threat was effectively over, fear surrounding the imminent use of nuclear weapons has returned.

Have we been ignoring a central paradox in political theory? One that states when two countries each have nuclear weapons, as the threat of the use of nuclear weapons decreases, the probability of conflict on the ground actually increases.

Nuclear risk expert Michael Krepon uncovers the truth about nuclear deterrence, and what it means for the future of conflict.

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The Truth About The Nuclear Threat

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Michael Krepon

Michael Krepon is a co-founder of the Stimson Center and a former Diplomat Scholar at the University of Virginia. He is the author and editor of twenty-two books, his most recent being Winning and Losing the Nuclear Peace: The Rise, Demise and Revival of Arms Control.