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Big Sofa Interview - Simon Baron-Cohen

Monday 8th August - 05:15 PM BST

Big Sofa Interview - Simon Baron-Cohen

The Exodus of Empathy

Global tensions are increasing. From the war in Ukraine to continued political tensions that could once again explode at the slightest catalyst, the human species is a fuse ready to blow.

Join University of Cambridge Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, Simon Baron Cohen, as he proposes we have undervalued empathy. Empathy is more powerful than many believe, and possesses the capacity to transform our political landscape.

Hosted by the IAI's Alexis Papazoglu. With a chance to ask Simon your questions in the Q&A following the interview.

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The Exodus of Empathy

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Simon Baron-Cohen

Simon Baron-Cohen is a pioneering psychologist whose work on autism has revolutionised the field of developmental psychopathology. As part of his empathizing-systemizing theory, Simon famously claimed that autism is an extreme of the male brain.