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Monday 15th July - 06:20 PM BST

Screens aren't causing a mental health epidemic

The reality behind social media and mental health

In the past year, alarm has been raised by many, including our IAI Live July's panelists Jonathan Haidt and Katharine Birbalsingh, about the irreversible damage social media and extended screen time might be causing to children's brains and mental health. Join award-winning psychologist Christopher Ferguson as he challenges this narrative in an exclusive solo talk, arguing that screens aren't the root cause of the mental health epidemic. Book your spot by clicking here.

Recently, Meta has faced lawsuits from 41 U.S. states for allegedly designing algorithms that foster addictive behavior in children, often highlighting violent, sexual, and disturbing content. However, Ferguson contends that the evidence supporting these claims is weak and misleading. He will present data showing there's little indication of a significant rise in teen suicide in the UK or Europe, suggesting that the increase in mental health issues among children is due to a variety of factors.
Don’t miss this chance to delve into the real impacts of social media on young minds. Book your spot for Christopher Ferguson's online talk now by clicking here.


16:20 BST - Katharine Birbalsingh on Meaning in Life The Lounge

17:00 BST - The Great Rewiring of Our Lives arena

18:20 BST - Screens aren't causing a mental health epidemic arena

18:30 BST - The Revisit Project stage

Chris Ferguson

Distinguished Psychologist

Christopher Ferguson is a psychologist and professor at Stetson University Florida. In 2013 he was awarded a Distinguished Early Career Professional Award from the American Psychological Association.  

Ferguson strongly disputes the link between video games and violent behaviour as well as social media and mental health problems.

Screens aren't causing a mental health epidemic

Hear distinguished psychologist Christopher Ferguson challenge the mainstream notion that screens are the main culprit behind the mental health crisis.To find our more about this interactive solo talk - click here.