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Music - George Cheetham

Monday 4th April - 07:30 PM BST

Music - George Cheetham

An exclusive performance

George Cheetham is a singer-songwriter from Norfolk. Filling his songs with reflective lyricism, soft guitar rhythms and subtle distortion, he tells stories from whirlwind romances to family tragedy. George takes a humanistic, narrative and at times cynical approach - flaws and all.

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5.00pm - Documentary Screening - DOKBOX Cinema
The Term: Opposing Putin

5.15pm - Big Sofa Interview - The Lounge
How Fear Controls Us with Frank Furedi

6.00pm - Headline Debate - The Arena
The Enemy At The Gates

7.00pm - Meet The Speakers - The Lounge
Jason Stanley, Marci Shore, Frank Furedi

7.00pm - Documentary Screening - DOKBOX Cinema
Steven Spielberg presents Spell Your Name

7.15pm - Solo Talk - The Arena
The Truth About The Nuclear Threat

7.30pm - Music - The Lounge
George Cheetham

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