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The Opening Interview: Dopamine Nation

Monday 7th August - 05:15 PM BST

The Opening Interview: Dopamine Nation

Step into the world of modern brain chemistry with psychiatrist and author Dr. Anna Lembke.

Discussing her latest book with Simon Wessely, Lembke draws on decades of expertise and research from the cutting edge of neuroscience to argue how, in a world consumed by instant gratification, the pursuit of too much pleasure is having disastrous and far-reaching consequences.


17:15 BST - The Opening Interview: Dopamine Nation The Lounge

18:00 BST - The Debate: The Pleasure Paradox arena

19:20 BST - The Solo Talk: The Happiness Index and the Futility of Suffering arena

19:30 BST - Flats & Sharps stage

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Anna Lembke

Stanford addiction expert

Anna Lembke is a groundbreaking psychiatrist and addiction medicine expert. Alongside shaping individual lives in her clinical practice, Lembke has featured on the hit Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, and has testified before various committees in the United States House of Representatives and Senate.

Simon Wessely

Simon Wessely is a visionary psychiatrist and epidemiologist at the forefront of research in medicine, psychiatry, clinical epidemiology and military health. He currently holds the  position of Regius Professor of Psychiatry at King's College London.