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Melt Yourself Down

Monday 6th February - 07:30 PM GMT

Melt Yourself Down

Exclusive performance

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Evangelical peddlers of DNA-rearranging post-punk exotica, Melt Yourself Down are an unholy communion of North African influences and shamanic vocals with a wanton disregard for their own safety.


17:00 GMT - Gold: The story of man's 6,000 year obsession DokboxCinema

17:15 GMT - The Opening Interview: Material abundance and failed Utopias The Lounge

18:00 GMT - The Debate: An Unprecedented Experiment With Money arena

19:00 GMT - US & China: When Titans Clash DokboxCinema

19:20 GMT - The Solo Talk: The Fatal Flaw in Human Judgment arena

19:30 GMT - Melt Yourself Down stage

Melt Yourself Down

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