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The Solo Talk: The Fatal Flaw in Human Judgment

Monday 6th February - 07:20 PM GMT

The Solo Talk: The Fatal Flaw in Human Judgment

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We think we humans are rational actors - or at least pretty close to being so. But the evidence suggests otherwise. A study found French court judges were more lenient if it happened to be the defendant’s birthday. While two psychiatrists who independently diagnosed 426 state hospital patients agreed on the diagnosis of mental illness the patient suffered from in only half of the cases.

Human judgement varies incredibly, even when we judge the same problem or similar problems. From cognitive biases, to emotional reactions, to what we ate for breakfast that day, effects what kind of decisions we make.

Join Cass Sustein, co-author of Noise, along with Daniel Kahneman and Olivier Sibony, to explore the fatal flaws in human judgement, and how they might be screwing up everything from the economy, to our daily lives.


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Cass Sunstein

Harvard Law Professor, best-selling author of Nudge, The World According to Star Wars, and Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgement co-authored with Daniel Kahnemann and Olivier Sibony. He is also a former advisor to President Barack Obama.

The Solo Talk: The Fatal Flaw in Human Judgment

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