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Morality without principles

Monday 8th January - 05:20 PM GMT

Morality without principles

The theory of moral particularism

Join this exclusive interview with celebrated philosopher, Professor Jonathan Dancy, where he discusses his seminal work on moral particularism, a theory of ethics that rejects the idea of moral principles.

Do not lie. Do not murder. We are accustomed to think of morality in terms of these sorts of principles. Someone without them is seen as untrustworthy and dangerous, while a ""principled person"" is synonymous with a moral one. Yet, Jonathan Dancy argues that all this is wrong. He regards such principles as superfluous at best, and - at worst - as liable to lead us into moral error.

After the interview, there will be a rare opportunity to challenge Professor Dancy yourself, with a live audience Q&A.


17:20 GMT - Morality without principles The Lounge

18:00 GMT - Loving Oneself and Loving Others arena

19:20 GMT - The secrets of irrationality arena

19:30 GMT - This Is The Kit stage

Jonathan Dancy

Renowned ethical philosopher

Jonathan Dancy is Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at the University of Texas at Austin. He is the pre-eminent theorist of moral particularism, best known for his seminal work in the field, Ethics Without Principles (2005).


Morality without principles

Join celebrated philosopher, Jonathan Dancy, as he argues for moral particularism, a theory of ethics that rejects the idea of moral principles. PLUS quiz him in the Q&A.

Dancy argues that moral principles, like "do not lie" or "do not kill", are at best superfluous to ethics, and positively dangerous at worst.