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Truth and Beauty and Other Scientific Misconceptions

Monday 3rd July - 07:20 PM BST

Truth and Beauty and Other Scientific Misconceptions

Some of the best scientists throughout history have equated beauty with truth. But is this a mistake? Join pioneering physicist Lisa Randall to discuss the allure and dangers of equating beautiful advances with scientific achievement. Specifically, the talk will cover subjective nature of beauty, and instances where beauty succeeded and where it failed, bringing in notions of symmetry and symmetry breaking.


17:15 BST - The Opening Interview: The Quantum Age The Lounge

18:00 BST - The Debate: Fantasy, Faith and Physics arena

19:20 BST - Truth and Beauty and Other Scientific Misconceptions arena

19:30 BST - Melt Yourself Down stage

Lisa Randall

One of the most daring theoretical physicists alive today, Lisa Randall is the Frank B. Baird, Jr. Professor of Science at Harvard University. Due to Randall's advances in understanding and testing the Standard Model of particle physics, supersymmetry, and cosmology of extra dimensions, Newsweek called her "one of the most promising theoretical physicists of her generation." Randall's books Warped Passages and Knocking on Heaven's Door have both been on New York Times 100 notable books lists.

Truth and Beauty and Other Scientific Misconceptions

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