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Chasing Happiness

Monday 6th March - 07:00 PM GMT

Chasing Happiness

Exclusive Screening


Happiness comes in many forms – from the warm hug of a loved one to a delicious plate of food. But what exactly is happiness? Is it linked to our genetic makeup, and how can we measure it?

Through a series of fun-packed experiments set up by leading psychologists and consultants, this series reveals the latest research unraveling the mysteries of happiness. It offers simple tips on how to achieve happiness and explains the science behind how exercise, laughter and music can all lift our mood.

This show quenches your curiosity on the question that is closest to our hearts, and enriched with scientific knowledge and age-old wisdom teaches us how to bring happiness within our reach.

2013 Winner Best Lifestyle Programme - BANFF World Media Festival


17:00 GMT - Sacred Weeds DokboxCinema

17:15 GMT - The Opening Interview: Demystifying psychedelics The Lounge

18:00 GMT - The Debate: The psychedelic revolution arena

19:00 GMT - Chasing Happiness DokboxCinema

19:20 GMT - The Solo Talk: The future of psychedelic research and therapy arena

19:30 GMT - Dream Kollective stage

Chasing Happiness

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