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The Opening Interview: Demystifying psychedelics

Monday 6th March - 05:15 PM GMT

The Opening Interview: Demystifying psychedelics

An exclusive interactive discussion


Psychedelics have been demonised as mind-altering, subversive and incomprehensible to the outside world.

The recent explosion of research into psychedelics has done much to cripple this caricature.

Join the Opening Interview with Matthew Johnson, world-leading researcher of behaviour on psychedelics, as he explores the impact these substances can have on addiction, mental health and risk analysis, and help to demystify these potentially remarkable substances. In conversation with Alexis Papazoglou.


17:00 GMT - Sacred Weeds DokboxCinema

17:15 GMT - The Opening Interview: Demystifying psychedelics The Lounge

18:00 GMT - The Debate: The psychedelic revolution arena

19:00 GMT - Chasing Happiness DokboxCinema

19:20 GMT - The Solo Talk: The future of psychedelic research and therapy arena

19:30 GMT - Dream Kollective stage

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Matthew Johnson

Prolific psychedlics expert

Matthew Johnson is one of the world’s most published scientists in the field of psychedelics with prior appearances on the Lex Friedman Podcast, 60 Minutes and National Geographic

The Opening Interview: Demystifying psychedelics

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