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Tuesday 7th May - 05:20 PM BST

Opening Interview: Engineering Consciousness

The AI Awakening

In this exclusive interview for IAI Live May, join AI expert and cognitive scientist, Joscha Bach, as he delves into the realms of the mind, consciousness, and AI.

Renowned for his deep philosophical insights, Bach posits that AI holds the promise of achieving consciousness, offering a fresh lens through which to scrutinize human concepts. Yet, amidst this potential, he advocates for caution.  To uphold responsibility and safety, Bach emphasizes the necessity of regulating the levels of consciousness integrated into our machines.



18:00 BST - Headline Debate: AI and the End of Humanity arena

17:20 BST - Opening Interview: Engineering Consciousness The Lounge

19:20 BST - Solo Talk: AI Risk arena

19:30 BST - Music: Shadow & Light stage

Joscha Bach

Leading cognitive scientist

Joscha Bach is a trailblazing cognitive scientist who is pushing the limits of what we can achieve with Artificial Intelligence. As an AI researcher for MIT Media Lab and the Harvard Programme for Evolutionary Dynamics, he is constantly exploring new frontiers in cognitive architectures, mental representation, emotion, social modeling, and multi-agent systems. With a passionate mission to build a model of the mind that rivals the complexity and capability of the human brain, Bach is at the forefront of the creation of new AI systems.

Leading cognitive scientist Joscha Bach shares his views on the differences between current AI and human minds, along with the fascinating challenge of explaining consciousness within the common scientific frameworks of psychology and neuroscience.