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Music - lotusbliss

Monday 11th July - 07:30 PM BST

Music - lotusbliss

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Hailing from Canterbury, UK, lotusbliss is the result of a literal lifetime of creating, experimenting, noise-making and camaraderie between brothers Josh, Seth and Adam.

Growing up making music together, it was a light hearted conversation in 2018 around favourite band names which sparked the idea that they could and should form their own band. Taking a year to write and craft their sound, lotusbliss’ debut single - the cinematic and striking ‘Beautiful Monotone’ arrived in November 2019, followed soon after by their debut EP, 'A Good Death is a Beautiful Thing'.

2021 has started with a bang for lotusbliss, with new singles ‘The Horror’ and ‘Thunder In The Room’ landing placements on both Spotify’s Fresh Finds Indie and Fresh Finds Rock playlists, in advance of the band’s new EP ‘Bittersweet’ which landed on 9th April - a more holistically deep body of work exploring the duality of our thoughts and feelings, with anger, forgiveness, nostalgia and self-pity sat side by side.

With an indie-rock sensibility, the sound of lotusbliss marries ambient soundscapes, high-octane guitar, raw lyricism and infectious melodies, whilst also taking advantage of the vocal similarity of siblings to blend their voices in and out of unison and harmony.

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