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IAI Live October

Monday 9th October - 17:00 BST

IAI Live October

Is bias at the heart of understanding the world?

Annaka Harris, Donald Hoffman, Daniel Kahneman, Hilary Lawson

We tend to think there is a correct way of seeing the world  and  look to eradicate any bias that might vitiate the truth.  But is this an error? Nobel prize winners like Daniel Kahneman argue that perceptual  biases are at the heart of our understanding the world. Should we reject the desire to overcome bias? Should we see our bias as central to what makes us unique as an individual? Nobel prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman, best-selling author Annaka Harris and post post-modern philosopher host Hilary Lawson grapple with The Perception Bias in our headline debate.  

Start the evening with The Opening Interview: Shades of Reality. One of our panellists, to be revealed, will take part in an exclusive deep dive interview into the nature of perception and reality and argue why all we might think about reality could be mistaken.  

And in the evening's solo talk, Dr Donald Hoffman, one of the world's leading anti-reality theorists, outlines his new research into consciousness and perception.