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The origins of life on this world and the next

Monday 7th November - 05:15 PM GMT

The origins of life on this world and the next

Will physics alone will ever be able to fully explain what life is? - with Sara Walker

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In this exclusive interview with the IAI’s Alexis Papazoglou, leading theoretical physicist and astrobiologist Sara Walker will explore her pioneering theories on the origins of life, and how we can best understand the presence of life on other planets.


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Documentary Screening - DOKBOX Cinema

Big Sofa Interview - The Lounge
The origins of life on this world and the next
Sara Walker

Headline Debate - The Arena
The Edge of the Universe
David Deutsch, George Ellis, Sara Walker. Robert Lawrence Kuhn hosts.

Meet The Speakers - The Lounge
David Deutsch, George Ellis, Sara Walker

Documentary Screening - DOKBOX Cinema
Secrets of Size: Atoms to Supergalaxies

Talk - The Arena
Infinity and Beyond
Marcus Du Sautoy

Music - The Stage

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Sara Walker

Sara Walker is a theoretical physicist and astrobiologist. Her fascinating insights into the origins of life, astrobiology, physics of life has les to her being featured on TED as well as the acclaimed Lex Fridman Podcast in recent years.