11 philosophers you don't know about, but should

Martha Nussbaum, Carlo Rovelli and other philosophers draw the short list.

For World Philosophy Day 2023, eleven leading thinkers nominate philosophers you probably haven't heard of, but you should know about, from Ancient Greece all the way to the present day. Martha Nussbaum, Carlo Rovelli, Cheryl Misak, Peter Adamson, Andrew Bowie, Tommy J Curry, Emily Thomas, Paul Giladi, Maria Balaska, Sara Heinämaam, Hugo Drochon and Sophie-Grace Chappell put forward their choices.


Martha C. Nussbaum

Porphyry (c. 234 - c. 305 CE)

A Neoplatonic philosopher born in Tyre, and later living at Rome, who wrote in Greek.  He wrote the best work in the entire history of Western philosophy before the twentieth century on the intelligence and complex sentience of nonhuman animals and the cogent reasons for not killing and eating them. Called "On Abst

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