Idealism is Realism

Thoughts are more real than objects

Idealism is often met with some ridicule; surely the world doesn't just exist in our heads. Jeremy Dunham argues this view of idealism is a misconception. Idealism is a much more realist worldview than we think, and more realist than its alternatives, as it does not deny the existence of the most real things there are: thoughts.


What is idealism? Throughout history, in most cases, philosophical idealism is a metaphysical position. The idealist is concerned with reality’s fundamental nature. It is often mistakenly thought to be a reductive theory of the fundamental nature of reality. Many critics have supposed that the idealist tries to reduce reality to the subjective states of individual minds. According to this form of subjective idealism there is no world outside our minds. This view is often associated with the British empiricist Bishop Berkeley (1685-1753). Famously,

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Pushpraj Singh 28 April 2024

Nice read. Didn't think of Idealism in this way.