The divide between art and science is a mistake

Adding creativity into the method

The division between art and science division is embedded in our culture. We think of science as exact, objective, following a strict method, whereas art as creative and subjective, with no formal rules. But this picture misunderstands what actual science looks like. In practice, science is not about following a strict, algorithm-like method, but, like in art, making judgement calls and thinking creatively, argues Ann Thresher.


There is an outdated idea that science and art are polar opposites. That science, associated with the left brain hemisphere, is logical, structured, whereas art, the domain of the right hemisphere is soft, intuitive, creative, guided by practiced judgement and innate skill. Of course, any neuro-scientist will tell you that the distinction between “right and left brain thinking” is a myth, that both sides are equally important in thinking through a math problem and painting a picture.

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