The debates on IAI tv address the pressing issues of our time. The topics and speakers are the outcome of a stringent editorial process. From sub-atomic physics and philosophical logic to global politics and aesthetics, we do not ask our speakers to simplify for a public audience or to engage in sound bites but to make their opinions direct and clear to their peers in the debate.

Our hosts are critical to ensuring this takes place. It is their difficult and challenging role to insist that questions are answered, that speakers do not hide behind their authority, fame or expertise, and that conclusions are drawn. As a result our hosts are often experts in their own right with the confidence to challenge the leading thinkers in the particular field on their own turf.

Lyse Doucet

The BBC’s Chief International Correspondent, multi-award-winning Lyse reports in print and on screen from all over the world.

Rufus Duits

Head of Philosophy at St. Paul's School, London.

Mark Easton

Home editor of BBC News, whose blog Mark Easton’s UK has won awards. His new book is Britain Etc.

Bjørn Ekeberg

Bjørn Ekeberg is a philosopher of science, author of Metaphysical Experiments  Physics and the Invention of the Universe

John Ellis

Clerk Maxwell Professor of Theoretical Physics at King’s College London who has worked extensively at CERN, and advocates the extension of the particle acc...

Warren Ellis

Author of comics, novels and TV scripts known for their philosophical subject matter, including Transmetropolitan and Red, now a feature film.

Patricia Ellis

Patricia Ellis is an artist, art writer, consultant, and curator specialising in all areas of contemporary art and is currently working at the Chelsea Coll...

Felicity Evans

Felicity Evans is a Welsh journalist and broadcaster. She has been the Political Editor of BBC Wales since 2018. She studied Law at the University of Oxfor...

Daniel Everett

Daniel Everett is an author and academic best known for his study of the Amazon’s Pirahã people and their language. Professor Everett is one of the world’s...

Alison Fernandes

Research Fellow at the University of Warwick, where she works on ‘Time: Between Metaphysics and Psychology’. She is also an editor and contributor to Scien...

Myriam François

Myriam Francois is an author, broadcaster and academic on issues related to Islam, France and the Middle East. She is host of the increasingly popular We N...

Giles Fraser

Anglican priest and philosopher who has written for the Guardian and Daily Mail. He was Canon Chancellor of St. Paul’s before resigning over the eviction o...

David Freeman

David Freeman formerly presented Science in Action for the BBC World Service as well as The Bookshow for Sky TV. For many years he hosted a daily book prog...

Matt Frei

Channel 4 news anchor and LBC Radio host
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