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Monday 17th October - 07:00 PM BST

Documentary - My Millenial Life

Exclusive Screening

Millennials are the most educated generation ever, but over half of college graduates end up unemployed or in dead-end jobs.

This intimate documentary follows the stories of four twenty-somethings as they fight to find their place in today’s world. Life is nothing like what they were promised: from the highs of internships at Vice and Google, to the lows of cleaning hotel bathrooms, the future has never looked more uncertain for Generation Y.

Winner - Gold Medal for Documentary, New York Film & Television Awards

Winner - Best Documentary Program, Canadian Screen Award

"A major work about the current twentysomething generation" - "as this lovely, textured documentary unfolds and we learn more about the subjects, going beneath the surface, all we can feel is sympathy" - John Doyle, The Globe and Mail

"The candid stories of My Millennial Life are right on target" - Point of View Magazine

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