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The Final Wave

Monday 19th July - 06:00 PM BST

The Final Wave

Free Speech and Feminism

With its focus on inclusivity, sex-positivity, choice and financial empowerment, many see liberal feminism as the ultimate goal. But combined with cancel culture, its has seen Germaine Greer take early retirement, J.K. Rowling denounced by progressives worldwide and the UK Employments Courts forced to protect some feminist beliefs in law. Now adopted by corporations, institutions and much of the media, is so-called liberal feminism in fact suppressing anyone who disagrees?

Should women reassert the right to debate their ideas freely? Are definitional arguments about feminism itself a dangerous distraction? Or are clarity and consensus necessary for any political movement to succeed?

Outspoken journalist and commentator Sonia Poulton, legendary LGBTQ+ rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, host of the We Need to Talk about Whiteness podcast Myriam Francois, and investigative journalist Ruth Michaelson will debate the current state of the liberal feminism, and if there is a problem with suppressed dissent within the movement.

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18.00 BST - Headline Debate - Arena

18.50 BST - Q&A Session - Arena

19.00 BST - Meet the Speakers Session - Lounge

19.15 BST - Documentary Screening - Cinema

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Myriam François

Author, broadcaster, podcast host

Myriam Francois is an author, broadcaster and academic on issues related to Islam, France and the Middle East. She is host of the increasingly popular We Need to Talk about Whiteness Podcast.

Ruth Michaelson

Investigative journalist

Ruth Michaelson is a journalist who has covered the Middle East for almost a decade unafraid of speaking truth to power - evidenced by her being removed from Egypt for questioning the official Covid case numbers. She reports primarily for the Guardian as well as other outlets. 


Sonia Poulton

Writer, broadcaster, and social commentator

Sonia Poulton is a writer, broadcaster, social commentator and former music journalist. Unafraid of tackling controversial topics head on, she can often be seen in fierce debates on national television.

Peter Tatchell

Legendary human rights activist

Peter Tatchell is a prominent activist, author and co-founder of  the queer human rights group OutRage!. Through the Peter Tatchell Foundation, he campaigns for human rights in Britain and internationally.

The Final Wave

Sign of the Times: Inequality
Exclusive Documentary Screening

We should all be feminists, is the appeal of writer Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie to tackle gender inequality. She inspired Beyoncé to devote a song to it. Whether it concerns gender, race, class or culture, inequality seems to be ineradicable. We live in a world where slums are the fastest growing residential areas. For philosopher Judith Butler it is essential, therefore, to define what a fair world would look like. How can we bring about a situation in which our lives are freer, fairer and more equal? A plea for equality.