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The Time of Our Lives

Monday 6th September - 06:00 PM BST

The Time of Our Lives

Do we worry too much about time?

Being is found in the present, for the moment of consciousness is all there is. Or so Zen Buddhist philosophy teaches. The moment of experience has also been central to western philosophy since Descartes, and the value of the 'now' currently fashionable from London to L.A.. Yet, as Marx argued, is not the point of life to change it for the better and not simply to contemplate it?

Does only the present exist and is embracing the present the path to truth and fulfilment? Or is this a dangerous fantasy, and the present an illusion, a distraction from the real task of creating the future? Or can we give an account of time that that explains the uniqueness of the present and the sea of time that surrounds us?

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18.00 BST - Headline Debate

18.50 BST - Q&A Session 

19.00 BST - Meet the Speakers Session

19.15 BST - Documentary Screening

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Sarah Jaffe

Acclaimed labor writer

 Sarah Jaffe is a journalist, columnist, and podcast co-host, covering the politics of power from the workplace to the streets. She was one of the first reporters to cover Occupy and the Fight for $15, and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs. She is also the author of the acclaimed books Work Won’t Love you Back and Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt.

John Paetsch

Poet and philosopher 

Poet and philosopher John Paetsch holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Georgia. His dissertation explores why Gilles Deleuze, Henri Bergson, and G.W. Leibniz all entwine “continuity” with “heterogeneity”—whether considering how a life dissipates time or a body diffuses force. His ongoing research dances between philosophy, maths and art, and he has published several works of anomalous poetry.

Ron Purser

Zen Priest, Mindfulness Critic

Ron Purser is a Business Professor, Zen Priest and cultural critic, whose viral article “Beyond McMindfulness” opened the floodgates for the mindfulness backlash. He is the author of eight books including the widely-discussed ‘McMindfulness: How Mindfulness Became the New Capitalist Spirituality”, and his works centre on the challenges of introducing Buddhist thought into modern, individualist, secular, Western consumer capitalism.

Güneş Taylor

Molecular biologist and science communicator

Güneş Taylor is part of the Francis Crick Institute, the London-based biomedical research centre. As a molecular biologist she uses many cutting-edge technologies to understand how reproductive systems are built. Güneş is a highly experienced public speaker, who has interviewed Richard Dawkins, Yuval Harari, Slavoj Zizek, Robert Plomin, Simon Baron-Cohen and Lord Robert Winston.

The Time of Our Lives

Burnout: The Truth about Work
Exclusive Documentary Screening

Technology was supposed to free up our time to do the things we enjoy. But we are busier than ever, working longer hours, with 24/7 communication access, chasing ever increasing targets.

Why do we work, and why do we work more than ever? This film explores how overwork is killing us and destroying the planet, and reveals what we can do about it.

To save ourselves we have to return to the past and look to other cultures around the world so that we can learn to relax again.