A Woman's World

What would a female utopia look like?

I have just returned from the Women’s March on Washington D.C., an apt moment at which to introduce the essay I wrote on feminist utopias. To a degree I didn’t dare imagine, the March represented at least a utopian moment: a moment when women embraced all the marginalised, trivialised, overlooked, undervalued of the earth. Cynics would ask: what was the programme, what was the strategy, who are the leaders? There was no programme except: turn up. Be counted. Don’t be afraid. And don’t be silent. For many women, that in itself represents utopia: seeing and hearing one another and making an impact. Yes we did.

If you ask most women what their concept of utopia might be, they’ll mostly scoff and look at you as though you’re crazy: we raise the world’s children, wash the world’s clothing, take the world’s parents to the doctor. What makes you think we have time for daydreams? Since the poor of the world are disproportionately female, dreaming of intellectual ut

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DilyanaEdgwood74 2 February 2017

If you want to imagine a utopia for women, just read Ursula le Guin. It's amazing how society is still so fixated on arbitrary gender roles

AdamBede 2 February 2017

This sounds like it's just replacing one inequality with another - it's not fair to say men rule the world when there's so much discrimination against men across society and by women. Look at a father's (lack of) rights, parental leave, male suicide rate etc. Sure, it's a man's world...