America must learn from Nietzsche

A country lost to intellectual discourse

This work offers an analysis of America’s turning mean and MAGA (Make America Great Again), tracking the incorporation of European racisms and seizing upon particular algorithms of social injustice, theoretically locked in. The depth of American anti-intellectualism—the astonishing pride of stupidity, politically pitched—must not be undermined. With its borrowed made-in-Germany nationalisms, Avital Ronell argues that America is a country lost to intellectual discourse.


Among so many time-release questions and effects of language, we are given to understand that events turning on historical delivery still hit you in the gut and make your immune system give way—and not only because of this or that decimating decree, violent dispatch, or throw-back to primal injury. Friedrich Nietzsche, the first philosopher to put his body on the line, warned against the way political events

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