An (Extra)Ordinary Life

Ordinary life can be as fascinating as adventure.

Does your life, which was supposed to be a journey on the Orient Express to glamour, adventure and excitement, feel more like a trip on an English branch line with long stops at Hankering, Frittering, Fretting, East and West Dithering, towards the terrible terminus of Slavering? Does your everyday routine seem dreary, trivial, meaningless, burdensome and unfulfilling? Do you wake in the small hours assailed by this terrifying thought: “Nothing is happening, I am gaining no experience, I will die without ever having really lived.”

If the answer to these questions is yes, you are not alone. I have lived a conventional, circumscribed life (not intentionally, it just turned out that way), and on many occasions felt that it was pitifully limited. On other occasions, much less frequent, I have understood that my life has been as rich and strange as any other. This alternative attitude is much more helpful – and to try to make it the default I wrote Embracing the Ordinary:

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