Banksy, Beauty and Bananas

How to make sense of contemporary art

At least since the appearance of Marcel Duchamp’s fountain, gallery audiences have been plagued by the question: why is this art? The problem originates in people’s adoption of an 18th century understanding of art as beautiful, pleasing to the senses and the intellect.  From that perspective, most contemporary artworks fail to even count as art. But according to a different line of thought, starting with Plato and continuing in Hegel, art is the embodiment of meaning, and contemporary art fulfills that criterion in spades, writes Jonathan Loesberg.   


A number of recent artworks, most famously, perhaps, Banksy’s shredded painting (first named “Girl With a Balloon, but renamed, post-shredding, “Love is in the Bin”) and Maurizio Cattelan’s “Comedian” (almost always identified by its description, banana taped to a wall), have re-raised the issue of what constitutes an artwork, and, more to the point, what people are buyin

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ella purnell 24 February 2022

Even though today was the first time that I have seen this blog, I have to say it really impressed me..thank you!