Beyond Kuhn and Feyerabend

After the fourth stage of philosophy of science

From Aristotle to Feyerabend, the history of the philosophy of science can be mapped out across four stages. Systematicity Theory might lead the way to the fifth, writes Paul Hoyningen-Huene.

When discussing a philosophical question, it is sometimes useful to investigate the history of that question and its answers. The question I am dealing with here is: what makes science special? I assume that scientific knowledge is indeed special primarily by being more reliable than other kinds of knowledge, but also better in some other senses.

This question of the special status of science has first been dealt with very soon after science was invented in ancient Greece, having integrated influences from other cultures. In the course of history, the Greek answer had to be seriously modified due to two main factors. First, the sciences developed enormously ever since and a theory of what makes

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Savannah Addison 10 February 2021

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