Broken nature

The modern world vs primordial forces

For years, humans have distanced themselves from the natural world, claiming that technological advancements and evolved intelligence set them apart from the rest. But with climate change, gene-editing and artificial intelligence becoming ever more pressing issues, it seems that it is time to re-evaluate this unnatural divide. Here, legendary sound ecologist Bernie Krause discusses how the recent Californian wildfires have awakened many to the clash of modern and natural worlds.

In early October 2017, my wife, Kat, and I lost everything in the wildfires that destroyed large areas of Northern California. Our home in Glen Ellen. Our dear cats, Seaweed and Barnacle. All my detailed field journals going back half a century. Slides and photos of work in the field. Reference books. Nearly seventy years of historic correspondence. The wonderful sounding Manouk Papazian guitar I played at Carnegie Hall as a member of The Weavers. Fine art. Clothes. Furniture. The intensity of

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