Can quantum computers really create wormholes?

Sensational wormhole claims are unfounded

Recent headlines about physicists having created a wormhole using Google’s quantum computer are misleading. Not only did they not create a wormhole in spacetime, the kind that Einstein’s equations suggest is possible, they didn’t even create a hologram of a wormhole, as the original Nature article claimed. Martin Bauer explains what the Sycamore experiment was actually all about.


A ‘wormhole’ is a structure connecting disparate points in space based on special solutions of Einstein’s field equations. It’s a feature of the geometry of spacetime often depicted by a folded paper, bringing distant points in direct contact. Dreams of sending information or even overcoming enormous distances in space by travelling through a tunnel in spacetime have fascinated scientists and science fiction writers since wormholes were first described by Einstein and Rosen in 1935

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