Capitalism: Threat or solution to climate change?

Climate change is inextricably linked to our economics. It is fuelled by our decisions, what we buy, what we value, how we price and how we construct meaning. But, do we need to move beyond capitalism in our solution to climate change? Or do we risk throwing out a highly innovative baby with the bathwater? At HowTheLightGetsIn Hay 2023, Rebecca Henderson, Troy Vettese and Helen Czerski debate where the true solution to climate change will be found.

Climate change is the greatest existential threat humanity has ever faced. Not solely for its scope and its complexity, but more fundamentally for its connection to the internal workings of our dominant economic paradigm. That of Capitalism. The world’s largest corporations emit 71% of greenhouse gas emissions, and all human activity is intimately connected to the value they provide. However, Capitalism has overcome its previous existential crises. From the original Dutch explorers inventing shareholder capitalism to fund

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