Casting light on gender in Dark Souls

Women's corruption and bondage

Dark Souls, the hit videogame series celebrated for its complex narrative interplay between light and dark, grapples with the unexpected theme of gender representation. While the game thrives on disrupting conventional storytelling, its depiction of women remains tethered to a conventional binary. The very nature of Dark Souls' dichotomies makes it impossible to escape the gender binary writes Benjamin Carpenter.


It is an uncontroversial point (in so far as there are any) to consider Dark Souls as premising much of its narrative drive on the polarity between light and dark. Though originally introduced to these metaphysical concepts as an antagonistic binary, there are many points throughout the fragmented narrative of the games that calls this binary into question. A staple of its distinct narrative style, Dark Souls is no stranger to the persistent disruption of the stories that it chooses to reveal — whe

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