Communism, nationalism & propaganda

The Chinese Communist Party at 100

China’s communist party has survived where others have failed - a testament to its capacity to adapt and reinvent itself with the times. Mao’s successors put ideology aside and focussed instead on economic growth.  Yet today, under Xi Jinping’s leadership, there is much lip-service paid to the ideology of the communist past, even while key communist principles like collectivism are actively undermined. With a slowing down economy, communist propaganda and nationalist fervour are Xi’s attempts at distraction from China’s reality, writes Niranjan Sahoo.


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) celebrated its centenary day on July 1. President Xi Jinping opened the centenary celebration with an hour-long speech dotted with nationalistic rhetoric and grand vision for the country and the party. The grand event comprised of 70,000 delegates cheering, singing and waving in magical unison with great fanfare symbolised a confident nation that Chi

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