Daddy, I don’t want to be Muslim

Is Western ideology distorting portrayals of ISIS?

Historical events of monumental significance often leave lasting impressions on us. Apart from the macro-level consequences these events have, they also tend to affect us on a deeply personal and emotional level. That’s why it’s common to hear people recall with vivid accuracy where they were when Princess Diana died or when England won the World Cup in 1966, and how the news impacted them.

Two events in particular stand out for me, one that millions of people around the globe were shaken by and the other that signified a turning point in my own life. The first of these was the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York and the second was when my six-year-old daughter declared in 2003: “daddy, I don’t want to be a Muslim!” It is ironic that I was at home watching television when both these events occurred.

While 9/11 left me in a state of shock and horror, my daughter’s unexpected announcement initiated a process of introspection into the faith t

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