Dangerous data

Fighting Covid-19's misleading numbers

Data is vital in trying to understand the crisis unfolding around us. But the data we have during the Covid-19 pandemic is incomplete and confusing. We need clearly explained, accessible data. 

During the pandemic, the population is having to use complex data to understand what is happening around them, and how to adapt their behaviour. Flattening the curve is about numbers, so accurate and carefully reported data is crucial for us all.

However, the way Covid-19 is being measured and reported is problematic. The main numbers, which have become daily headlines, are the number of infections and the number of deaths. From this we measure the progress of the virus, and inform our response to it.

In this forest of numbers, it is increasingly hard to tell what is going on, which suggests the numbers are neither being gathered nor reported well. The media, even the BBC, evolved their reporting from talking about ‘total deaths’ to ‘total confirmed deaths,

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otis jame 13 July 2022


Fred Rauscher 1 May 2020

Here we have a journalist seemingly nervous as new data emerges showing the death rate for the Wuhan virus is more on par with a serious outbreak of the flu rather than the Armageddon narrative we have been spoon fed by the MSM. WRT numbers "not being gathered" be careful what you ask for. It is likely that any objective investigation will determine that these additional deaths are in fact victims of the quarantine. Sadly many self quarantining elderly persons with underlying conditions have been brow beaten by hysterical media accounts into sheltering in place. Being fearful of risking exposure by going to their doctor or local clinic they jeopardise their lives. It would be refreshing to read articles by epidemiologists such as John Ioannidis or Knut Wittkowski.