The Gathering Storm - Part I

Rana Mitter argues that America remains dominant.

Across the world, the spectre of war looms large. In many places it is already here. US air strikes against Isis in Syria, sporadic fighting in the Ukraine, shelling in Gaza, and China and Japan in dispute over the Senkaku Islands: all the while, the established global superpowers seem reluctant to intervene. Are we seeing a changing of the guard, away from American dominance of the world stage? If so, will this open up a power vacuum, and which countries would be looking to step into it?

Not yet, says Rana Mitter, in Part I of Drawing a Red Line, our two-part interrogation into the changing balance of global power. Not so, says Martin Jacques in Part II, who argues that we're witnessing the rapid decline of Europe and the US and the inevitable rise of China. For Mitter, though, this is still very much a story of America and how Barack Obama responds to global events. While Russia

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tienzen 20 November 2014

By asking the ‘questions’ in this article, someone is obviously worrying about the ‘falling’ of American’s dominance. By answering ‘Not yet and Not so’, it simply shows that those answerers are totally stupid caused by their grandiose big heads.

The whole thing is about ‘calculation’ and ‘understanding’. They do not know their foes’ calculators and have no understanding of their foes’ way of thinking.

The logic is very simple. If a tiger cub is not killed, it will eventually become a killing machine. By dancing around the tiger’s lair while hoping it will become a tamed pussy cat, it is the great research after having tons of LSD. One example of China’s nuclear calculator (from Mao's nuclear doctrine) is as follow,

1.   Every nuclear bomb can kill half-million Chinese people from the direct shock-wave.
2.   With 100 nuclear bombs, Chinese casualties would be 50 millions or more. That is, China has still 1.25 billion people remaining.
3.   In the case of nuclear fallout, 50% of it will be carried away by the Pacific jet stream, and America has a big enough land mass to catch most of them. That is, America will receive about the same amount dosage of those American nuclear bomb's fallout. Even without returning a single nuclear bomb at this point, China is not a loser.

China will always be winner after a nuclear exchange with America, and there are two reasons for that.
a.   Ten nuclear bombs falling in American cities will cause more damage for America than 300 nuclear bombs falling in Chinese cities in a relative terms.
b.   China does not have the title of Superpower and does not care for it. Even if Russia does not take the advantage of the US - China nuclear chaos, Russia might become the sole Superpower after a US - China nuclear exchange. In Chinese saying, 魚 蚌 相 爭 、 漁 翁 得 利 。 (Fishman catches both while the fish and clam are fighting.) As long as America is not a winner, China will not be a loser in any case.

See for details.