Editorial: Everything and Nothing

Is Nothing an illusion, a fictitious error?

Some claim it created the universe. Sartre argued it was central to our being. Yet Nothingness turns out to be strangely elusive. Scientists can’t find it or describe it. Bertrand Russell argued it was a logical mistake. Is Nothing an illusion, a fictitious error? Or is it a vital key to our understanding of the universe and who we are?

In this issue of IAI News, philosopher James Ladyman questions what it really means for things to exist. We think information provides facts about the universe. But, in Coding the Universe, Ladyman asks: what exactly is information and how does it relate to matter?

By contrast, Italian theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli argues that all human knowledge, like the Earth itself, is floating in nothingness. The question is: does this make our knowledge ultim

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David Morey 2 21 August 2015

Very interesting edition, vital questions, well done again.