Embracing Erotic Capital

Intelligence is no more of an achievement than beauty. Why is this so hard to accept?

Why is it that in the West beauty and good looks are so often labelled as dangerous, ephemeral, degrading and linked to “animal impulses” – meaning sexuality? Other cultures have no hang-ups or anxieties about the value of attractiveness – for men and women, children and adults alike. Why is there this squeamishness about human beauty in Puritan countries? It contrasts with the fairly universal willingness to value beauty in music, art, architecture, dance and the other arts.

The argument about erotic capital as the hidden factor in success, for men as well as women, is attracting wide interest, since the publication of my book Honey Money in 2011. The book is not a polemic but a report on a new social trend in the 21st century. It shows that people who are physically and socially attractive earn more and are more successful in public life (including the workplace) as well as in private life. Curiously, women seem least willing to accept the message that goo

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