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Q. Why do I need to register for

We ask our viewers to register for to ensure that they accept our terms and conditions and also to allow us to collect an email address from customers so that we may contact them in future for technical issues, and, if they opt in, to receive updates via email.

Q. What email address do I need to register?

You should supply a valid email address. It doesn’t matter whether it is a personal or work email address.

Q. Why do I need to accept the terms and conditions?

We ask that customers accept our terms and conditions so that they comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Q. When is new content published? And how frequently?

The Institute of Art and Ideas’ currently releases a new debate every Monday, a new interview every Tuesday, and a new talk every Thursday. Once a month we also release a new course on iai Academy, and a new issue on iai News.

Q. Why can I not keep favourite content?

At present we do not support storing of content, e.g. as favourites, but you can keep track of your iai Academy courses on the My Courses tab.

Q. How can I search for content?

To browse thousands of debates, talks, articles and podcasts on, use the search field on the top right of your screen. You can also filter and search videos on iai Player.

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