Gandhi vs. Guevara

Pacifism or passion: which can change the world?

Mahatma Gandhi and Che Guevara: these two historical figures are often pulled out as representing two strands of political thought about revolutionary change. In simple terms it’s often broken down into violent versus non violent struggle to achieve liberté, égalité, and fraternité. In terms of picking a winner, research shows that non-violent revolutions are twice as effective as violent revolutions, and also lead to a much greater degree of democratic freedom.

To a certain extent, there are a lot of similarities between Gandhi and Guevara. They were both middle class, male professionals. They both had utopian ideals. They both fought for a more just society. But of course their methods were completely different. Guevara believed in armed revolution. He was very influenced by what was happening in Latin America at that time: from the involvement of US multinational corporations in the overthrow of democratic governments to the brutal exploitation of ag

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Dzen_o 11 December 2015

Till the humanity will not understand – what is the human? and thus practically all human’s behavior remains be determined by material biochemical reaction in his/her body and brain,
the greatest powers that change the world will remain the money; and the demography, though.
Besides – see Dzen_o posts in some other IAI threads and the URL links there:

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