What Can We Do About Collective Narcissism?

Gratitude transforms collective narcissism into positive pride in a group

One way of explaining the current surge of populism is to look into how collective narcissism – the belief that one’s own group is exceptional and entitled to privileged treatment – appears and manifests. 

Collective narcissists usually resent others for not appreciating their group enough. They idealise their own group and ask for special recognition from others for their own group’s past glory, incomparable morality, cultural sophistication, economic or military might, God’s love, or even the group’s exceptional suffering and martyrdom. Whatever reason they claim for privilege, collective narcissists always fear and depreciate other groups. 

In its research, the PrejudiceLab at Goldsmiths University 

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Aiden Chuter 17 August 2021

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Ed Fry 3 April 2019

Great to see academia involved in trying to solve urgent political issues.

Anna Byrne 2 April 2019

This sounds too good to be true. I'd love to see more systematic experiments to be fully convinced it works... And if there is conclusive evidence for this, we should have government funded projects in schools and community centres that do gratitude focused meditations and activities.